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in an insensitive manner


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Very insensitively they appear before media and utter the same old superficial sentences; they never speak from their hearts.
In one, he talks insensitively about potential African-American candidates to fill then-President-elect Barack Obama's U.S.
In nlY locality there are numerous vacant plots that are being invariably and insensitively used by the public to dump the garbage.
This adult title has strong YA appeal as a dystopian romance, despite two insensitively handled sexual assault scenes.--Blake Norby.
The group said the call for the minister became necessary following his insensitively to the nation's security challenge, justifying the recent violent attacks on communities in Benue state by suspected Fulani gunmen.
In the same article, which revealed years of alleged misconduct by Rose, the TV host did not back down from issuing a statement regarding the accusations. Rose, in his statement, said he has always prided himself on being an advocate for the careers of women and deeply apologizes for his behavior. Although Rose took responsibility of behaving insensitively at times, he denied the authenticity of a few allegations made against him. 
Rose said that he has behaved insensitively at times "and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate.
To make light of all the drone-like doom and gloom surrounding the escort-service subculture, Dimples Romana hams it up like a cartoon character in 'kwela' scenes that are as atrociously and insensitively acted as they're insulting.
Academics from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre published a report last month which said Wales could lose out by hundreds of millions of pounds over a five-year Assembly term if the power to vary the tax by up to 10p in the pound was devolved insensitively.
It also highlighted cases where parents of children who died in controversial circumstances were insensitively dealt with.
Clr Rogers said: "I'm pleased that common sense has finally prevailed here, but I honestly can't understand why the council acted so insensitively in the first place.
An Instagram snapshot posted by Khloe K caused a social media outrage, especially after the reality TV starlet "insensitively" added the caption "Sheikh Pussy" to it.
I dislike hoovering: but I don't want a ruthlessly efficient machine to vacuum without consideration and dispose insensitively of the papers I've piled untidily in a corner (a filing-system I tend to term "organised").
The only emotions this art provokes are anger and disbelief that anyone could be so insensitively dumb.
As expected, West refers to women as being nothing more than an expletive that rhymes with "witches" and "ho's," incessantly drops the N-word and insensitively makes such ego-stroking claims as "Soon as I pull up and park the Benz/We got the (expletive) shakin' like Parkinson's." When West's not boasting about his vast wealth, sexual stamina, exquisite tastes and distaste for sports bras (no kidding), a strategically used gospel choir sample declares, "He'll gives us what we need/It may not be what we want." I guess that pretty much explains the offensive Parkinson's comment and the offensive (on several levels) lines, "She got more (N-words) off than Cochran," as in O.J.