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Synonyms for insensitive

Synonyms for insensitive

lacking physical feeling or sensitivity

not capable of being affected or impressed

lacking passion and emotion

lacking responsiveness or alertness

Antonyms for insensitive

not responsive to physical stimuli

deficient in human sensibility

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But yeah, totally, I apologize for everything insensitive that I said in the past.
'IT'S SHOWTIME' hosts apologized yesterday over 'insensitive' orphan joke
"They are insensitive, crass and shouldn't have been produced in the first place."
But in an embarrassing U-turn the force is now withdrawing the already publicly displayed posters after they were labelled 'crass and insensitive' by its own crime commissioner David Jamieson.
"We are aware that the poster may be deemed insensitive and, as a result, we are removing them from public places.
It is concluded that there is no statistically significant difference in the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets cured with moisture insensitive primers or with conventional primers in our present study.
Quite clearly, the corrupt mafia is insensitive to the pride and dignity of the remaining majority of Pakistanis who are being dragged through the dust as an international spectacle.
To be honest, he has a habit of saying really insensitive things.
His insensitive actions sparked an angry backlash, with some saying he should have been given a stiffer punishment for the act, in Queens Square, Wrexham.
It's particularly insensitive in a city where it has been estimated that up to 30% of the population are of Irish descent."
It was one of the most insensitive things for anyone to have done," Winnie Madikizela-Mandela told Britain's ITV News television.
"Do Rangers play on the date when all their fans died in that disaster whatever year that was - 1971?" Davies later used his Twitter account to apologise for his comments, describing them as "insensitive".
VIRGIN Media was accused of being "unbelievably insensitive" for sending a thank you letter and a free book to staff in Liverpool facing redundancy in the New Year.
Dutch researchers say they have discovered that fatty acids in fish oil capsules reduce the effectiveness of nearly all types of chemotherapy, making cancer cells insensitive to the treatment.