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Synonyms for insensitive

Synonyms for insensitive

lacking physical feeling or sensitivity

not capable of being affected or impressed

lacking passion and emotion

lacking responsiveness or alertness

Antonyms for insensitive

not responsive to physical stimuli

deficient in human sensibility

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He added: "If the CWU believe thanking our staff is insensitive, that's up to them.
However the tumours were found to be insensitive to treatment after the mice were given fish oil supplements containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
She said: "They are insensitive and some people will find them distressing.
The new Celerity GF100 series mass flow controller product family features a number of key benefits including high accuracy, reproducible gas measurement, control from advanced digital architecture, in situ electronic reconfiguration of gas and flow range for maximum process flexibility and optimization, pressure transient insensitive flow technology design (enables significant cost and size reduction of high purity gas delivery systems), and intelligent embedded diagnostics, service port and software for simple and efficient on-tool maintenance.
We do not need his sickening, insensitive input to any political party.
It was certainly insensitive and exemplary in its stupidity, since it has undoubtedly succeeded in buying Birmingham far more than pounds 10,000-worth of bad publicity.
The ad was careless, insensitive, and racist at its core.
The answer is that they are working to make ammunition insensitive.
I agree with everyone at the plant who has said it was insensitive, but if a company can make the decision to sack 2,300 people I don't think it will care if it's being insensitive.
Administrators didn't want new groups of students and faculty inadvertently offending each other with insensitive remarks.
The team suggests, therefore, that loss of vascular endothelial ZIP8 mRNA expression in the insensitive strains protected the mice's testes against cadmium toxicity.
The neutrino-asymmetry coefficient B, the correlation between neutron spin and neutrino momentum is rather insensitive to [lambda], but it might point to physics beyond the Standard Model emerging from supersymmetry or other Grand Unified Theories (GUT).
Literature is available describing the company's Loctite Prism 4500 Series of surface insensitive cyanoacrylate adhesives.
A state inmate brought a [section] 1983 action alleging that his civil rights were violated when he was shown a racially insensitive drawing or cartoon by a guard, and that he was then retaliated against after he filed a grievance.
SUBJECT: Insensitive Munitions (IM) Strategic Planning