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Synonyms for insensate

completely lacking sensation or consciousness

lacking passion and emotion

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

Synonyms for insensate

devoid of feeling and consciousness and animation


without compunction or human feeling

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"Painful" symptoms were increased in prominence from clusters 1 to 3 (all MNSI items, P < 0.05, between groups), but "insensate" was the prominent symptom that differentiated cluster 3 (highly prominent) from clusters 1 and 2 (P < 0.05).
I can remember precisely how, upon being admitted to that room on the eighth floor, 1 became overwhelmed by the feeling that the Suffolk expanses I had walked the previous summer had now shrunk once and for all to a single, blind, insensate spot.
Physical examination showed a tense and tender right gluteal compartment; 0/5 strength on the manual muscle test throughout the right lower limb, hip, knee and ankle; decreased sensation to light touch throughout the right lower limb, including the dorsal and plantar foot; insensate dorsum and plantar right foot; and palpable pedal pulses, 1+ on the right and 2+ on the left.
How many youngsters instead of disporting in the open air are crouched dull-eyed over screens indulging in so-called 'games' of insensate violence?" - Writer Frederick Forsyth on the downside of the internet.
But prisoners claimed the state's use of midazolam violates the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment because it fails to render them insensate. In Justice Alito's majority opinion, the court concluded that because the use of midazolam does not likely violate the Eighth Amendment, states may continue to use it in executions.
"Manhid" is "numb" in Emglish, meaning "weakened in or deprived of the power of sensation or motion." Or did Vice President Jejomar Binay mean "insensitive," "insensate, or "insensible" - "not susceptible to external stimuli," "unfeeling," "incapable of feeling," "apathetic," and "indifferent"?
While all animals are deemed lower than humans on this hierarchy, some animals like slow-moving reptiles manifest less animacy than others, and are seen close to the insensate, such as a stone.
Under this mad moon's spell, the stars are described as lovers who wander the night "Crying aloud, each for its mate," though the "old earth" remains "insensate" to their "white woe" (31).
Does he really think that the haris of Sindh and the peasants of southern Punjab after their insensate suppression and exploitation by their blood-sucking land barons generation after generation still have some strength left to stand up for their legitimate but perpetually-denied rights?
At the bottom of the chain, slaves and Native Americans were thought to be insensate. Current studies show that minorities' pain and women's pain is still undertreated, even when they have the exact same complaints that men or white people have.
This results in a weak push-off and a crouch gait, but more importantly a trophic ulcer of the insensate heel that can lead to calcaneal osteitis and eventually destruction of the calcaneus (Fig.
Generally, mice with short-term diabetes develop painful neuropathy, whereas mice with longer-term diabetes typically display manifestations of painful and insensate neuropathy or insensate neuropathy alone [21].
"It's an act of insensate stubbornness on my part,'' says Shearer, a compact man with dulcet voice and soulful eyes who, somewhat implausibly, considering his puckish streak, turns 70 this month (Dec.
This insensate act of carnage may have generated a sympathy wave for the Congress.