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The BAR, an attached agency of the Department of Agriculture (DA), said goat raisers could improve their herd's breed through natural breeding by using artificial insemination (AI).
Their first insemination time after labor and the mean number of inseminations indicated that the targets expected from dairy cattle enterprises, namely the 60-70 days interval and less than two inseminations, were not met (Dinc, 2016).
Although in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) have been widely used to treat infertility women with a relatively higher pregnancy rate, intrauterine insemination (IUI) remains a prevalent procedure as a low-cost and less invasive therapeutic approach for infertile couples.
Objective: To see the efficacy of different methods of intrauterine insemination preparation for sperm recovery and conception rate.
Richardson added that to optimise the quality of offspring produced in breeding programs we may need to make sure that females mate with multiple males and that they avoid artificial insemination, which could lead to the genetic health of bred stocks being weaker.
SYDNEY -- An Australian zoo said Wednesday it was hoping for the first successful panda birth in the southern hemisphere as it prepares one of its giant animals for artificial insemination.
By Bonnie James/Deputy News Editor Pioneering efforts by Qatar's Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation to conserve the extinct-in-the-wild Spix's macaw have achieved a key milestone with the world's first artificial insemination in the parrot species native to Brazil, under a partnership with a German firm.
Early embryonic mortality in cows returning to estrus before 24 days after insemination is approximately 20.
2% of the cases, between one to four inseminations were performed.
ORLANDO - A first of its kind study shows maternal weight does not play a role in pregnancy success via intrauterine insemination, in stark contrast to multiple trials that indicate as obesity increases, the chances for a woman to conceive via in vitro fertilization drop.
First to do this, seeds insemination was done according to the instruction (proper and unharmed seeds with high potential were prepared, suitable amount for each treatment distributed and spilled into a plastic sack with proper amount).
Deborah Mihaloff, an American breeder of Arabian horses said, "I agree with embryonic transfers and artificial inseminations as they lessen the risk exposure to a mare.
This difference was not observed in the previous experiments, because surgical inseminations deposit the AI dose at the site of fertilization, so minimal stress is placed on the thawed sperm," Purdy explains.
Weiss et al (47) in a comprehensive report under field practice conditions, with mares of the Crioulo breed, the second main race of horses from Brazil with next to 300 thousand animals registered, compared the effect of inseminations with fresh semen diluted with lactose-egg yolk extender, against fresh semen in natura.