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The reproductive success of a male is usually a function of the number of females he inseminates, especially when males produce numerous gametes and when little time and energy is spent on care of offspring.
Lao officials think she may have managed to artificially inseminate herself.
A CONTROVERSIAL gynaecologist will defy protests from the Vatican to artificially inseminate a woman with the sperm of her comatose husband.
AZA-accredited SeaWorld San Diego was able to artificially inseminate one of their female dolphins with a previously sorted mixture of X chromosome sperm.
As for the pig incident, which involved Ms Loos collecting a flask of semen to inseminate sows, the exercise may have shocked queasy metro-types but it's pretty much standard practice in real farms.
Farmers administer fertility drugs to prize cows and then artificially inseminate them.
We generally inseminate each hen with 200-300 million sperm a week," notes Tarhill's Lynn Bageley.
Last year keepers tried to inseminate Tian Tian with a frozen sample of sperm from a dead panda, Bao.
They said Pedro and Buddy's separation would only last as long as they can inseminate their respective female partners.
The airport has awarded a Midland-based beekeeper's association a grant to buy equipment to enable workers to artificially inseminate bees as part of a bid to increase the UK's bee population.
SAN FRANCISCO - A federal appeals court has reinstated a civil rights suit by a Lancaster state prison inmate who wants to artificially inseminate his wife.
Prior to the birth, they announced that this would be their last attempt to try to inseminate the 14-year-old panda.
Rather than bring a bull into the zoo's herd, bosses chose to fly experts in from Germany to inseminate Noorjahan with a sample taken from the bull elephant, Emmett, at Whipsnade Zoo.
The charity condemned the antics of David Beckham's former assistant Rebecca Loos as ``morbid and sordid'' after the programme showed her stimulating a boar as she collected a flask of semen to inseminate sows.
A state prisoner brought a [ss] 1983 action and state law claims against a warden, alleging violation of his constitutional right to procreate by refusing to allow him to artificially inseminate his wife.