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in a tentative and self-conscious manner


in a manner involving risk


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Researchers have found numerous instances of devices insecurely broadcasting personal information or security credentials and many products can be exploited by malicious users for applications like distributed denial of service attacks.
The accusation that the insecurely stored airbags "posed an immediate danger to life" had also not been properly investigated, the judge added.
Insecurely typing passwords into handheld devices or comparing long hexadecimal keys displayed on the devices screen, many other human-verifiable protocols have been proposed in the literature to solve the problem.
Only three out of ten staff are employed on FTE basis now, and two thirds of university staff are insecurely employed.
The survey finds that when employees handle confidential data, they often do so insecurely by accessing, sharing and storing the data in unsafe ways.
Although the aforementioned discussion suggests a connection between insecure attachment and a view of argument as threatening or harmful to relationships, it is not clear whether insecurely attached individuals appreciate any of the potential benefits of argument (Pistole & Arricale, 2003) or whether they differ from securely attached individuals in this regard.
Bookwala & Zdaniuk,(1998) examined that insecurely attached adolescents are more likely to be engaged in aggressive relationships than securely attached adolescents.
Yet in many cases this information is held Insecurely in a filing cabinet or a shared computer that is readily accessible.
In contrast, insecurely attached children seem to lack that type of representation (Cassidy & Shaver, 2008).
Second, securely attached children are better able than insecurely attached children to use role taking as a means of understanding the needs and anxieties of others, and such empathy and perspective-taking are key to more sophisticated moral reasoning.
Email is notoriously insecure, and even file-sharing apps can be accessed by hackers when documents are stored insecurely on individual computers or mobile devices.
In contrast, insecurely attached children, who have failed to establish a secure relationship with their caregiver, may feel mistrust, anger, anxiety, and/or fear in social contexts.
Companies can understandably be nervous about reporting a breach of security, as firms that are proved to have handled data insecurely can be fined up to half-a-million pounds.
21) the following local factors should be taken under consideration for non-union of long bones: Open fractures, infection, segmental fractures with impaired blood supply to the middle fragment, comminuted fractures due to severe trauma, insecurely fixed osteosynthesis, ill-advised open reduction, and distraction by traction.
Attachment is one of several developmental theories that has survived exhaustive study, and it has been consistently shown that securely attached children tend to have fewer social and emotional problems throughout their life course than insecurely attached children (Brumariu & Kerns, 2010; Schneider, Atkinson, & Tardif, 2001).