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(of animals and plants) feeding on insects

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Relationship between land cover and insectivorous bat activity in an urban landscape.
Several of these modes occur in north temperate communities although Black (1974:138) concluded that most north temperate insectivorous bats "could be classified as either moth or beetle strategists.
Metagenomic analysis of viruses from bat fecal samples reveals many novel viruses in insectivorous bats in China.
Despite the lack of data on the feeding ecology of extinct freshwater stingrays, we may assume that at least in the Potamotrygonidae, the insectivorous habit found mainly in juveniles of extant species, but also in the adults of some species, represents an evolutionary shift from the basal diet composed of hard-shelled invertebrates in marine batoids (Carroll, 1987), dominated by macrocrustaceans (Belleggia et al.
It may be said that Cattle egret is an insectivorous bird and take food from the agricultural fields in surroundings of study sites.
The ship, an island of temporary refuge, unfortunately lacks a food source for an insectivorous woodland bird from North America so many don't make landfall again.
What does it do: Sundew is one of the few insectivorous plants to be found in northern Europe.
The berries are favored by birds, including insectivorous birds that feed on crop pests.
An early spring cold snap has killed many an obligate insectivorous migrant like the tree swallow, but bluebirds are a bit hardier, switching back and forth between insect and fruit diets as necessary.
Insectivorous birds are often opportunistic and polyphagous and there are a number of factors influencing individual diet variability (Rosenberg & Cooper 1990).
1980 A possible case of interspecific transmission of rabies in insectivorous bats.