insect repellant

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a chemical substance that repels insects

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But what she doesn't understand is why today's soldiers serving in the Afghanistan and Iraq deserts are not provided with basic supplies - sunscreen, insect repellant, fly-swatters, energy bars, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Two other agents that are effective insect repellants are picaridin (the active ingredient in Cutter Advance) and oil of lemon eucalyptus.
Greensboro, NC-based Buzz Off Insect Shield LLC's Insect Repellant Apparel uses permethrin, a synthetic version of a repellent that occurs naturally in chrysanthemums, which is tightly bound into the garment, creating an invisible and odorless protective barrier around the wearer.
Ross, 34, was rushed to hospital on his return, having contracted the disease even though he had taken anti-malaria tablets and used insect repellant.
Toxic encephalopathy associated with use of insect repellant.
bug[R] is a chemical-free insect repellant tag for people, pets and farm animals
Eliminate standing water whenever possible and use insect repellant - preferably one containing DEET.