insect repellant

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a chemical substance that repels insects

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But what she doesn't understand is why today's soldiers serving in the Afghanistan and Iraq deserts are not provided with basic supplies - sunscreen, insect repellant, fly-swatters, energy bars, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
BUZZ OFF Insect Shield(TM) Insect Repellant Apparel, produced using a patent- pending process, received the agency's approval in July.
Ross, 34, was rushed to hospital on his return, having contracted the disease even though he had taken anti-malaria tablets and used insect repellant.
bug[R] is a chemical-free insect repellant tag for people, pets and farm animals
Eliminate standing water whenever possible and use insect repellant - preferably one containing DEET.
Ultrathon insect repellant is also available in a spray, which provides up to eight hours of protection.