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the quality of being impossible to investigate

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None of that was easily comprehensible from her fever-dream staging, which despite (or maybe because of) its inscrutability seldom failed to divert when the music didn't.
The video's inviting visual evocation of Dutch golden-age portraiture makes its subject's inscrutability, by contrast, seem all the more acute--and it poses an apt question about Cornelia van Rijn: Given that her half-brother Titus appears regularly throughout their father's oeuvre, to what extent was patriarchal bias to blame for her eventual obscurity?
Even Dhoni is witnessed struggling behind his oriental inscrutability pulling out runs like a lady plucking her eyebrows.
His coachBoris Becker, so demonstrative as a player, was a picture of calm inscrutability until Djokovic's fall.
His coach Boris Becker, so demonstrative as a player, was a picture of calm inscrutability in the courtside box until Djokovic's fall.
The obituaries were largely admiring, even in the Guardian, which speaks as much to the more-than-occasional inscrutability that made his work less obviously offensive than it might have been as it does to editors' broadmindedness.
Angel's insights into Joe are not as clear, partly because Joe withdraws into inscrutability when challenged.
Increasingly popular among gamblers seeking inscrutability and alternatives to China's currency movement restrictions, junket operators are also popular among casinos aiming to reduce credit default risk and unable to legally collect gambling debts in China, where gambling is illegal.
excludes those approaches that avoid the problem by, for example, simply asserting the inscrutability of Providence or positing an impersonal God.
At other times it's the opposite: The arcane inscrutability of some texts leads me to feel lost and shut out of the meaning, at which point I lose interest.
One herd of white-faced cattle, all nearly matching, stood in a line, aimed their noses at the road and watched, in bovine inscrutability, as throngs of cyclists passed.
Fiennes' inscrutability as the hero is the film's main weakness.
He refused the blame heaped upon him by his "friends," maintained his integrity, and faced the inscrutability of life without flinching.
Alas, strong performances can't quite paper over the story's main weakness, namely the hero's inscrutability.
But what positions deWitt's narrative as an especially successful example is its smart tribute to the convention itself, the way it playfully undercuts these stock images and suggests that in the midst of such cowboy adventurism, there is the Inscrutability and comedy of real life.