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Synonyms for inscription

Synonyms for inscription

letters inscribed (especially words engraved or carved) on something

a short message (as in a book or musical work or on a photograph) dedicating it to someone or something

the activity of inscribing (especially carving or engraving) letters or words

References in classic literature ?
I put on my spectacles, and passed softly close behind her; glancing at the inscription on the stone, I read," Julienne Henri, died at Brussels, aged sixty.
And yet they were trying to read the inscription on the plate.
I would have turned away from it, had not an inscription on the picture drawn me nearer.
And, trembling, pale, and gasping for breath, he pointed to the gibbet at the other side of the yard, with the cynical inscription surmounting it.
The inscription had attracted her notice: she began to read it aloud: "In loving memory of my father.
All the six drawers were alike occupied by a collection of fossils, which (judging by the curious paper inscriptions fixed on some of them) were associated with a past period of the Major's life when he had speculated, not very successfully in mines.
Sapsea's monument having had full time to settle and dry, let me take your opinion, as a man of taste, on the inscription I have (as I before remarked, not without some little fever of the brow) drawn out for it.
Luker has himself personally identified the box, the seal, and the inscription.
Disappointed thus far, I next looked attentively at the cross, and at the square block of marble below it, on which the inscription was cut.
This is some very old inscription, existing perhaps long before the ancient alms-houses in this place.
Nell walked down it, and read aloud, in enormous black letters, the inscription, 'Jarley's WAX-WORK.
This savage was the only person present who seemed to notice my entrance; because he was the only one who could not read, and, therefore, was not reading those frigid inscriptions on the wall.
Within the RATHHAUS were a number of huge wild boars' heads, preserved, and mounted on brackets along the wall; they bore inscriptions telling who killed them and how many hundred years ago it was done.
There are no inscriptions, no sculpture, no clue, by which to conjecture its history; nothing but the dumb stones.
As the inscriptions were worn out by the time and weather, they were playing the part of "Old Mortality," and piously renewing them.