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Synonyms for inscribe

Synonyms for inscribe

to form letters, characters, or words on a surface with an instrument

to produce a deep impression of

to register in or as if in a book

to affix one's signature to

Synonyms for inscribe

carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface

register formally as a participant or member

draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible

write, engrave, or print as a lasting record

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mark with one's signature


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convert ordinary language into code

address, (a work of literature) in a style less formal than a dedication

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PROSPECTS Ger Lyons-trained Inscribe will be hard to beat today in Navan
With three runs under his belt, Inscribe now makes his first start in handicap company off a mark of 69.
PA has a primary list of around 20 Palestinian sites in the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem, to inscribe on the world heritage list.
The UNESCO committee voted to inscribe the structures for their important interaction with other regional cultures, in particular the Byzantine, Orthodox and Persian.
Otherwise, why omit the words "ko pano" or "ro pano," yet still inscribe a couplet about rag sri on this particular painting?
(76) If it was not normal policy to inscribe decrees of the synedrion on stone, it is possible that there were special circumstances behind the publication of the one concerning Paros, a situation that called for the prominent display at Athens of the dispute's resolution and the roles played by the Athenians and the League in that process.
Arriving home, chalk in hand, I'll inscribe some symbols over my doorway.
As part of a project started by the Class of 1999, bricks on the school's main walkway were sold for $30, offering buyers an opportunity to inscribe a brief, personal message.
"David then thought it would be nice to make the gift that little bit special and he had our people inscribe it, in gold leaf, with, 'For my darling Victoria'."