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Synonyms for insane

Synonyms for insane

Synonyms for insane

afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement


very foolish

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Now Tantor turned his attention once more to Tarzan for one of the symptoms of madness is a revulsion of affection--objects of sane love become the objects of insane hatred.
He looked up at the two perched high above him, his red-rimmed eyes blazing with insane hatred, and then he wound his trunk about the bole of the tree, spread his giant feet wide apart and tugged to uproot the jungle giant.
I very much questioned within myself, as I walked through the Insane Asylum, whether I should have known the attendants from the patients, but for the few words which passed between the former, and the Doctor, in reference to the persons under their charge.
Another fan was told he couldn't apply to the Army without removing or covering Insane Clown Posse tattoos, usually a man running with a hatchet.
In-House Testing Tools Test Insane has developed some of the tools in-house which help in review analysis for your mobile app or web app.
ANDERS Behring Breivik's defence lawyers say the confessed mass killer will not appeal if he is sentenced to prison but will challenge any ruling that declares him insane.
But he admitted: "The quality of the K1 men's 1000m men's race is insane.
Oslo, Apr 24 ( ANI ): Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik, who is anxious to prove that he is not insane, has said that questions about his mental health were part of a 'racist plot' to discredit his extreme anti-Islamic ideology.
The document said he "looked insane and couldn't control himself.
The insane inflation of house prices may be good news for homeowners,but it is bad news for everybody else,''he said.
In Moonlight, Magnolias & Madness: Insanity in South Carolina From the Colonial Period to the Progressive Era, McCandless has assembled a prodigious amount of research to tell the story of how the insane were treated over 100 years of South Carolina history, both in and out of the asylum.
Who is, hands down, the most fucking insane Dragon?
FORMER boyband singer J Brown has revealed he had a bad trip on drugs which left him thinking he had gone insane.
Ms Evans said if found guilty due to insane automatism the only outcome would be to send Thomas to a psychiatric hospital under a restriction order.
In the song "Miracles," the Insane Clown Posse famously questioned how magnets work.