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Synonyms for insane

Synonyms for insane

Synonyms for insane

afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement


very foolish

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Suddenly upon this scene burst the mad bull--a huge tusker, his little eyes inflamed with insane rage.
Now Tantor turned his attention once more to Tarzan for one of the symptoms of madness is a revulsion of affection--objects of sane love become the objects of insane hatred.
Is it insane suspicion which has made me so angry with the good friends who have been trying to save my reason?
She was found insane. She was consigned to the Napa Asylum."
Cassy had always kept over Legree the kind of influence that a strong, impassioned woman can ever keep over the most brutal man; but, of late, she had grown more and more irritable and restless, under the hideous yoke of her servitude, and her irritability, at times, broke out into raving insanity; and this liability made her a sort of object of dread to Legree, who had that superstitious horror of insane persons which is common to coarse and uninstructed minds.
The woman has no common sense; but she is not only not insane, she is artful to a degree.
I tell you again, I consider all that has passed a delirium, an insane dream.
Gall observed that insane persons underwent an accession of their disorder twice in every month, at the epochs of new and full moon.
That is all, the drunkenness of life, the stirring and crawling of the yeast, the babbling of the life that is insane with consciousness that it is alive.
On the other hand the man had no intention of permitting this poor, insane child to wander further amidst the dangers of the jungle.
As a last resort he determined to take her with him by force rather than sacrifice her life to the insane hallucination which haunted her; but, being a wise man, he determined to humor her first and then attempt to lead her as he would have her go.
"And, moreover, my dear duke," continued the minister of police, "we are almost assured that, in a very short time, the usurper will be insane."
Others called it insane. At a time when, riding his hunch, he was getting half a million for half a sack of flour, it was nothing less than insanity to give twenty whole sacks to a dancing-girl and a priest.
The Insane Asylum is admirably conducted, and so is the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.
The man became insane; he stood over me, choking me with one fist and beating me in the face with the other, hissing and chuckling and letting out a flood of abuse.