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an inflow

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I once had to go up and down a lift (elevator) twice, because inrushing crowds pushed me back before I could get off at my stop.
Around 240 megawatts of electricity will be generated by the inrushing and outowing water.
Silva had a good chance just after the hour when Aguero allowed Kolarov's cross to run past him but the inrushing Spaniard lost his balance attempting a first-time shot.
He threaded a pass back into the centre to meet the inrushing run of Fellaini but the big Belgian's shot was blocked.
Peeling off to the left, Benzema first tried to find Menez with a cross that just evaded the inrushing Paris Saint-Germain forward.
Good work by Moore and Chris Dillon gave Danny Spencer a glimmer of a chance unfortunately his glancing header flew straight at the grateful Solly while Stourbridge's first opportunity came on 20 minutes when Aaron Drake's low skidding centre eluded the inrushing Ryan Rowe.
Many an unsuspecting tourist has been rummaging around in a rock pool only to find themselves cut off from dry land by the inrushing tide.
The book soon appeared in English as The Explosion: Marxism and the French Revolution, a translation that, if lacking in subtlety, is certainly more memorable than a straight rendition of the French (although one regrets the loss of irruption's connotation of an irresistible breaking-through, of flooding and inrushing flow, in favor of the insistent verticality of explosion).
The only goal came as early as the 11th minute when Oxford goalkeeper Billy Turley unaccountably let an easy ball slip out if his grasp and the inrushing Lee Steele was there to side-foot his 13th goal of the campaign.
It was an emotion I felt, an inrushing of pure joy, but it was not the "bare," nonsignifying experience of it.
But if Farloe Black can make one of his flying starts - and he has been the model of consistency in that department - he just might clear the inrushing Express.
The inrushing water pushed me out the rest of the way.
There is a hint of Pentecost about these experiences, an inrushing of the spirit that demands telling others what one has seen.