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When a deep-buried tunnel passes through the fault fracture zone, water inrush easily occurs.
Plenty of underground engineering constructions such as railway tunnel and coal extractions are threatened by various kinds of water inrush and mud gushing in China [1-4].
Therefore, tunnel construction in this condition often faces a great risk of water and mud inrush [2, 8, 16], which has become a difficult issue for the tunnel engineers.
The PWR-01 also is equipped with a soft-start function that limits the inrush current, minimizing any harmful effects to DUTs such as DC motors.
When an external fault of transformer is cleared or a no-load transformer is input, the high amplitude of inrush current will be generated [1], which can lead to maloperation of differential protection.
* At an operating temperature range of -40 to 1 20 degrees Celsius, relay delivers a contact life of 100 thousand operations at 14VDC inrush 230A
Panasonic Corporation has developed and will soon release a thin-design DW Relay (Inrush Low-profile relay) suited for remote-control applications such as smart switches and smart power outlets used in smart homes.
Other electronic protection includes inrush current limiting, reverse polarity protection, output current limiting with short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown with auto-resetting.
EPCOS PTC ICLs (Inrush Current Limiters) offer key benefits when used as ICL components for active inrush current limitation in certain applications.
Few hours before closing Ras Jedir, a large inrush of Libyans entering the Tunisian territory was recorded.
The topics include a streamlined method for determining distribution system hosting capacity, cyber security and rural electric power systems, mitigating the undesired operation of recloser controls due to distribution line inrush, joint use poles and structure strength allocation, and overhead conductor motion during short circuits.
It is known that the shape and amplitude of the magnetizing inrush current of a power transformer are dependent on several factors which cannot be predicted in advance.
Phillip Hill, 44, David Powell, 50, Charles Breslin, 62, and Garry Jenkins, 39, drowned in September 2011 when there was a huge inrush of water to the part of the mine in the Swansea Valley where they were working.
The robust design an.d stainless steel construction make it a highly accurate alternative to conventional transducers, suitable for harsh processes and resistant to damage from air inrush and vibrations.