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Synonyms for inquisitorial

unduly interested in the affairs of others

Antonyms for inquisitorial

especially indicating a form of prosecution in which proceedings are secret and the accused is questioned by a prosecutor who acts also as the judge


marked by inquisitive interest

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having the authority to conduct official investigations

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The Inquisitorial vengeance had been hurried by my two-fold escape, and there was to be no more dallying with the King of Terrors.
Sir Declan claimed it is impossible for the coroner to carry out an inquisitorial role to establish the truth, identify wrongdoing and learn lessons without having coroners' officers to assist with investigations, powers to take statements and secure documents and appropriate procedural rules to govern public hearings.
Inquisitorial Cardinal Spinola with his papal ambitions, Enzo Palmieri and his financial interests, the Geuzen - Dutch Independence fighters played their powerful roles.
Disturbed by the hierarchy's inquisitorial mood, Jesuit Fr.
Part III will describe how plea bargaining has come to resemble more of an administrative and inquisitorial model, rather than an adversarial one.
Instead, he advocates an inquisitorial system, whereby more onus is placed on the judge to query the evidence being brought forward.
Our system here is entirely different from I'd say 90% of the other systems, being a common law system and not, for example, in France where you have an inquisitorial system.
This body has inquisitorial powers to interrogate workers--even leading to their imprisonment.
At the core of her study is examination of manuals written to adapt the medieval tactics of the Catholic Church's inquisitorial prosecution to the religious upheavals of the 16th century.
Mientras que la popularidad entre los chuetas del sabatianismo fue una de las causas ideologicas de la intensificada persecucion inquisitorial, es el intento de los editores en la introduccion establecer que "es una combinacion de su situacion exitosa comercial/economica en Mallorca, y el recelo que con ello despiertan entre otros grupos opositores .
s chapter on Cathars, for instance, neglects recent scholarship that suggests that "Cathars" were more the construct of the inquisitorial imagination than an organized body of dissenting laity.
5) The number of wrongful convictions may not be that high, (6) but innocent suspects are accused and convicted in Germany, and inquisitorial systems like Germany may be particularly prone to specific errors like tunnel vision--one of the leading causes of wrongful convictions in the United States.
A final empirical objective concerns the potential impact of legal-cultural differences on victims justice motives, more particularly of victims experiences in an inquisitorial or adversarial regime.
Many argue that newspapers, as we knew them, inquisitorial, opinionated, sanctimonious, the meter and setter of community standards to whom the people and government were somehow accountable, and as fly swatters, have gone.
Mr Tyrie said: "An exhaustive, inquisitorial committee of inquiry, whether in or out of Parliament, into the respective roles and responsibilities for mistakes of ministers, civil servants, the Bank of England, regulators and commercial banks would do more for the history books than the quality of legislation.