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Synonyms for inquisitorial

unduly interested in the affairs of others

Antonyms for inquisitorial

especially indicating a form of prosecution in which proceedings are secret and the accused is questioned by a prosecutor who acts also as the judge


marked by inquisitive interest

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having the authority to conduct official investigations

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The Spanish Crown perceived conversos as useful in pursuing its interests overseas but also as potentially subversive, placing them in a precarious status vulnerable to inquisitorial prosecution.
Inquisitorial proceedings do not mean that the litigants are free to move in a casual manner and shift from stances in the pleadings, suiting their convenience.
However, the inquisitorial system is not unique to the Middle East.
En el primer capitulo se ocupa de trabajar la construccion simbolica de la censura inquisitorial y los discursos que acompanaron esa imagen, invocando a Dios como el primer censor.
The author here also explains that missing entries, sloppy or confused summations, illegible jottings, and other deficiencies plague the decree registers that comprise our chief primary sources for inquisitorial activity.
20) Therefore, corroborating evidence in the case file, even in this inquisitorial system, is crucial to a transparent prosecution.
He feels that "while President Obama may uphold freedom of religion, the US inquisitorial order has institutionalised patterns of discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia directed against Muslims".
Unless the 2013 electoral fraud is investigated by an independent inquisitorial Judicial Commission, PMLN will continue to seek electoral success through rigging.
Luis Rene Guerrero Galvan, De acciones y transgresiones: los comisarios del Santo Oficio y la aplicacion de la justicia inquisitorial en Zacatecas, siglo XVIII.
Rather, and perhaps as a consequence of the Court's preoccupation with cabining exclusionary remedies, the Court's harkening to internal police discipline and rulemaking as an alternative mechanism of constraint in the inquisitorial pretrial sphere has expanded beyond the Fourth Amendment context to other doctrinal areas implicated by evidence gathering and evaluation.
Situated on the threshold between Edward Muir's Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice and the celebrated Dizionario storico dell'Inquisizione edited by Adriano Prosperi in collaboration with Vincenzo Lavenia and John Tedeschi, this volume ingeniously explores inquisitorial proceedings and practices while bringing forth an original interpretation of the diffusion of Protestant ideas in Italy.
Disturbed by the hierarchy's inquisitorial mood, Jesuit Fr.
Instead, he advocates an inquisitorial system, whereby more onus is placed on the judge to query the evidence being brought forward.
This body has inquisitorial powers to interrogate workers--even leading to their imprisonment.