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Synonyms for inquisitive

Synonyms for inquisitive

unduly interested in the affairs of others

eager to acquire knowledge

Synonyms for inquisitive

showing curiosity

inquiring or appearing to inquire

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Arobin's remark about inquisitive people reminded him of a man from Waco the other day at the St.
The genius of the people will ill brook the inquisitive and peremptory spirit of excise laws.
The old gentleman looked up with that sour, inquisitive expression that came so near to smiling and was so different in effect.
But she has bright, keen, inquisitive eyes, superb teeth, a nose modelled by a sculptor, and a way of holding up her head and looking every one in the face, which is the most finished piece of impertinence I ever beheld.
A man that is busy, and inquisitive, is commonly envious.
And he suffered enough from brazenly meddlesome and self-seeking folk, from impudent and inquisitive intruders, to justify some suspicion of old acquaintances suddenly styling themselves old friends, and of distant connections newly and unduly eager to claim relationship.
Forgetting the danger of being recognized, Rostov went close to the porch, together with some inquisitive civilians, and again, after two years, saw those features he adored: that same face and same look and step, and the same union of majesty and mildness.
He added: "I should perhaps have been more inquisitive.
Jeremy seemed open-minded and genuinely inquisitive.
During an inspection visit to Dubai airport, General Major Mohammed Al Marri, General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Director, allowed two inquisitive children to complete their clearance procedures and stamp their own passports.
Marco is an inquisitive fox sets off on a seafaring voyage with a crew of deer and pigeons in this enchanting tale of friendship and adventure.
The inquisitive youngsters learned about what it's like being a member of the press and asked questions about North Wales' biggest daily regional paper.
Summary: A baby penguin got a little inquisitive when he came across a human being for the very first time.
SQUIRREL monkey Mrs Elvis has found a new game to satisfy her inquisitive nature.
AN "inspirational" character with an inquisitive nature and a love for walking has died at the age of 100.