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Synonyms for inquire



inquire into something

Synonyms for inquire

to put a question to (someone)

to go into or through for the purpose of making discoveries or acquiring information

Synonyms for inquire

have a wish or desire to know something

conduct an inquiry or investigation of

References in classic literature ?
This being my case, I, who had a subtle game to play, had nothing now to do but to single out from them all the properest man that might be for my purpose; that is to say, the man who was most likely to depend upon the hearsay of a fortune, and not inquire too far into the particulars; and unless I did this I did nothing, for my case would not bear much inquiry.
Giving details, the minister said that seven inquires and one investigation was sent to NAB (Rawalpindi), seven inquires and four investigation sent to NAB (Lahore), three inquiries to NAB (Quetta), nine inquires and four investigation to NAB(Karachi).
Chairman CDA Mahroof Afzal had instructed 1 month back that inquires should be completed within the next 15 days, but despite passage of deadline no corrupt official has been bought to justice.
EAR: EAR allows tax advisers to submit account inquires for individuals, as well as businesses (a previously filed Form 2848 is required to resolve all accounts).
inquires Kevin Snow, public information specialist in the office of the city council, Mesa, Ariz.
cn, call 00886-21-64957700, or email inquires to jiangping@datangmobile.
Media inquires should be directed to Scott Black at 214-520-3430 ext.
CGI received inquires as well as requests for future meetings from a number of the world's most recognized and respected companies," stated John J.