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4 nM was too low of a concentration to elicit a similar, beneficial effect on the VSMC calcification caused by 3 mM inorganic phosphate in our study.
Vascular calcification: In vitro evidence for the role of inorganic phosphate.
By breaking this bond using carbon-phosphorus lyase (CP-lyase), they release the inorganic phosphate that is critical to life.
Even though by a numb er of experiments, the sound properties of citric acid in fish diet without inorganic phosphate supplementation have been studied (Pandey and Satoh, 2008; Adrian et al.
Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources on solubilization of insoluble inorganic phosphate by psychrotolerant bacterial strains.
For inorganic phosphate determination, the reaction was stopped by the addition of 0.
Effect of cationic (CTABr) detergent on the rate of hydrolysis of bis-[micro]MPPE in presence ofhydroxide ion has been measured spectrophotometrically by the rate of appearance of inorganic phosphate (Kumar and singh, 2011) (Table 1) and rate increases sharply at CTABr concentration greater than the critical micelle concentration (CMC) for CTABr at pH-9.
The mechanism of the FR behavior of the P-glasses in PA6,6 is described and the FR property will be shown to be strongly dependent on the type of the reactants used to prepare inorganic phosphate glass compositions.
The predominance of Fe-P is possibly due to sorption of inorganic phosphate by Fe and Al oxides in weathered tropical soils.
Inorganic phosphate in high concentration can inhibit the growth of mycelia and the production of ergot alkaloids (Narayan and Koteswara, 1982).
We found that in the original nutrient medium with peptone content of 17 g/l and inorganic phosphate of 0.
1 g, agar 15 g, dissolved in 1 L of distilled water supplemented by 5 g of Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP) as sole of phosphorus source that have the ability to releases soluble inorganic phosphate from TCP.
On initial measurement the patient's serum inorganic phosphate was markedly increased, but the calcium concentration was within the reference interval.
Inorganic phosphate (phosphorus): Increasing the intake of phosphorus stimulates the retention of calcium, which is essential for maintaining bone health.
1990); (iii) increased intramuscular concentrations of ATP, PCr, and inorganic phosphate, allowing for more rapid restoration of these molecules during aerobic and anaerobic exercise (Chasiotis, 1988; Stryer, 1988); (iv) increased cardiac muscle contractility (Czuba et al.