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A comprehensive literature review revealed a number of patents illustrating the preparation of inorganic glasses based on inorganic phosphates with different [T.
Song OR, Lee SJ, Lee YS, Lee SC, Kim KK, Choi YL (2008) Solubilization of insoluble inorganic phosphate by Burkholderia cepacia DA23 isolated from cultivated soil.
Spectrophotometric quantification of serum inorganic phosphate concentrations may give falsely increased results owing to immunoglobulin precipitation.
Solutions for inorganic phosphate determination prepared according to previous method [11] except bismuth nitrate and sodium nitrate.
In our research project a continuous rise in serum inorganic phosphate (P) concentration was observed in the group supplemented with sodium phosphate.
Adenine nucleotides, serotonin, calcium, pyrophosphate, inorganic phosphate and membrane G -actin content if the unstimulated platelets of cirrhotic patients and in normal healthy volunteers.
In addition to the effect of organic amendments on background soil P concentrations (endogenous P), the application of amendments in the presence of inorganic phosphate fertiliser may also affect the solubility, and hence the potential plant availability of the applied P.
To rule out Paget's disease, assays of inorganic phosphate and calcium were obtained; both values were within normal limits (2.
Kanazawa, Inorganic Phosphate Materials, 1989, edit T.
Scientists conducted preliminary screenings of many bacterial isolates and found several candidate strains that released inorganic phosphate after hydrolyzing an organo-phosphate source the researchers provided.
The decrease in the ATPase activity of Pallisentis nagpurensis treated with tolzan may be partly due to either the decrease in the synthesis of enzyme molecules, non-availability of substrate molecules, lowered polymerization of sugar or lowered total and inorganic phosphate contents.
For example, findings from one animal study suggest that exposure to DEP would result predominantly in the excretion of inorganic phosphate (Imaizumi et al.
In the final model, His12 is hydrogen bonded to the carbonyl oxygen of Thr45 and to the oxygen of the inorganic phosphate, and His119 forms a hydrogen bond with another oxygen of the phosphate and to the oxygen OD1 of Asp121.
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