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Synonyms for inoperativeness

a lack of action or activity

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7) The term "inoperative" in Agamben's work has been subject to critical debates that are similar to those pertaining to Ashbery's politics: while de la Durantaye represents inoperativeness as something that "does not pass from the possible to the actual" (i.
The paradigm of this politics is identified in Nancy's term inoperativeness (inoperosita), a messianic "de-creation.
For this reason Agamben finds that 'politics is that which corresponds to the essential inoperativeness of mankind,' and it is this idea that lies at the heart of much of his work (Means Without End, 140)" (19-20).
The biopolitical project embarked upon by Giorgio Agamben depends on the philosophical use of this inoperativeness.
Representations of women's beds in Huysmans's fiction chart his evolution from the inoperativeness of naturalist objectivity to depictions of Satanism, tales of spiritual quests that catalyze the narrator's goal to develop his faith.
Although patent applicants typically enjoy a presumption of operability, (149) In re Eltgroth and similar "incredible utility" cases create a strong presumption of inoperativeness because the alleged inventions clearly conflict with recognized scientific principles.