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Synonyms for inoperative

Synonyms for inoperative

marked by a lack of action or activity

Antonyms for inoperative

not working or taking effect


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So which are the banks that have the maximum amount of money parked in accounts inoperative for over a decade?
First, an MEL is a precise listing of instruments, equipment and procedures that allows an aircraft to be operated under specific conditions with inoperative equipment.
Indian airline operators are interested to lease out their inoperative aircraft to overpower massive losses.
The instructor attempted to put out the fire; however, the Halon extinguisher was inoperative.
Detectives went to the boy's home, where they found several rifles, which were inoperative because his father had removed the firing mechanisms, Seeley said.
Prague 4-Krc activities including energy, service calls, based on the planned removal of the identified shortcomings and emergency interventions involving the commissioning of an inoperative state;Second Regular maintenance of high voltage electrical wiring above 1000 V (including revisions) in the area of ?
The landing gear transmission/motor limit switch was damaged and rendered inoperative.
Since January, police surveys have found 700 vehicles parked on unpaved surfaces and more than 1,700 inoperative vehicles stored on lots in public view.
Already, it is against city law to park cars on lawns or leave inoperative vehicles stalled on property, but Ainsworth said it has been difficult to enforce the rules, short of towing the offenders.
The agency knows how the Ship Acquisition and Ship Building Fund (SASBF) of the inoperative National Maritime Authority (NMA) were destructed.
And then there are the bathrooms - barely illuminated cesspools of inoperative plumbing where urinals and toilets (if they exist at all) are broken; sinks without tap handles; stall doors and mirrors that have vanished; toilet paper and hand towels are nowhere to be found.