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Antonyms for inoperable

not able to perform its normal function

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not suitable for surgery


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In the CHEST-1 study, patients were 1880 years old with inoperable disease or persistent or recurrent pulmonary hypertension after pulmonary endarterectomy.
Everybody was justifiably thinking it might be my last - the tumour is wrapped around an artery and inoperable.
1, 1997 (years subsequent to the tax years at issue in Ceridian), the FTB had taken the position that as a result of Ceridian, CRTC [section]24410 was wholly inoperable, so that no DRD was permitted for dividends received from an insurance company; see Departmental Policy on Section 24410 Insurance Dividend Deductions, FTB Multistate Audit Program Mem.
She notes that, besides the Schulze appointment, the company is anticipating completion of its Phase III clinical study of Thymitaq (an investigational product) as a potential treatment of inoperable primary liver cancer.
But the call never came and sadly the 12-year-old died from an inoperable brain tumour in February 1997.
Tenants are required to maintain and repair the alarms, as well as replace devices that are stolen, removed, missing or become inoperable during their occupancy.
Although Thursday's report said cracks of only 10 and 11 centimeters were found on clutch housings in three of its large trucks, the housings in question were actually fractured and made the trucks inoperable, Mitsubishi Fuso said.
Therefore, we recommend that this combination be considered as a first-line adjuvant therapy following surgery or as a first-line therapy for patients with inoperable tumors.
Twenty-six patients with recurrent inoperable glioblastoma multiforme have been treated in the trial sponsored by Direct Therapeutics.
According to the court, the presence of some inoperable sinks, toilets and showers in the jails did not rise to the level of a violation of pretrial detainees' due process rights.
Faced with the news that her cancer was inoperable, she chose not to accept the prognosis, scouring the country instead for better information and newer surgical techniques.
Stimuli-sensitive gels show promise for the effective treatment of inoperable tumors," indicates Anna Gutowska, senior research scientist and lead developer of the gel.
home health line received the top prize in the Best Breaking News category for a story by associate editor Jennie Apter revealing that many home care information systems would be inoperable as a result of imminent changes in Medicare billing rules.
One might have begun to suspect that it was really we, the viewers, who were the conductors, faced by an inoperable and unmanageable stringed instrument.
Available for licensing now, it ensures that mission-critical databases can continue to function regardless of any number of disk drives becoming inoperable.