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Antonyms for inoffensively

in a not unpleasantly offensive manner


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The former occupy the North of the territory, "they live in villages industriously and inoffensively scattered over the [Northern and North-Western] district, cultivating their patches of maize and pulse in small and neatly enclosed fields known as milpas.
This rounded hill sits quietly and inoffensively above Loch Ossian but the increasing popularity of the remote railway halt at Corrour has seen its stock rise in recent years.
Is the risk of offending more acute than the risk of being inoffensively equitable?
My first was the aforementioned Sydney - vibrant, inoffensively jingoistic, infused with a larrikin spirit.
A surprise perhaps that an occasion so inoffensively celebratory should produce something so musically angry - the 77-year-old knight's work fizzling with rage against the machine, in this case the UK's disastrous military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
We're not talking "Scared Straight" here when she inoffensively but infectiously snaps, "He's no good girl, no good for you/You better get to gettin' on your goodbye shoes/And go, go, go.
It's big and is inoffensively, if rather cheaply, decked out.
In order to caution therefore that lovely sex, which, while they preserve their natural innocence and purity, will still look most lovely in the eyes of men, the above passages have been written, which, that they might be worthy of their perusal, such strict regard hath been had to the utmost decency, that notwithstanding the subject of this narrative be of a nature so difficult to be handled inoffensively, not a single word occurs through the whole, which might shock the most delicate ear, or give offence to the purest chastity.
The first hint it is not your average pleasant but inoffensively decorated des res comes as soon as one steps into the hallway and sees the compass pattern set into the Amtico flooring.
They have made his name immortal, which is all to the good, given that his other works include On Praising Oneself Inoffensively, Whether Land or Sea Animals Are Cleverer and Why God Is Slow to Take Revenge.
Black or brown, young or old, married or single, "Our Family Wedding" traffics cheerfully if inoffensively in equal-opportunity cliches.
Maybe it's the use of the dark shades, maybe it's the fact that Gaby's academic background is in psychology, but something about this show is inoffensively disturbing.
Directed by Todd Phillips, the film is mostly inoffensively dumb - despite naughty words and behavior - and occasionally amusing, but I wish boys' humor would grow up sometime.
Red ales are typically inoffensively malty, but this beer redefines the style.