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a substance (a virus or toxin or immune serum) that is introduced into the body to produce or increase immunity to a particular disease


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Application of an inoculum in field always required a suitable carrier material (Rabea and Steurbaut, 2010).
The optimal parameters were found as follows; at pH 2, the pulp density; 4% (w/v), inoculum volume; 4% (v/v), stirring rate; 120 rpm and particle size; -0.
Table 2 presents the results of the physicochemical characterization of substrate and inoculum.
inoculum size, different time, pH, temperature, carbon source and nitrogen source.
Thus, a first step was to determine the efficiency of a commercial AMF inoculum and of native AMF strains isolated from an Algerian soil on the growth of tomato plants, under greenhouse conditions, in a soil intended for the cultivation of industrial tomato.
The present study aimed to evaluate the use of bovine manure as inoculum in the vinasse biodigestion process, using 0.
It was hypothesized that if IJ were applied inundatively, will the successful location and invasion of target host be affected by inoculum density of IJ applied and was the reproduction of nematode within the host density dependent?
4%) patients had infection on inoculation site, of which one had inoculum taken from genital lesion.
Bed fumigation fails to fully treat the soil, which allows for a progressive increase in soil inoculum levels over time.
This led to the use of vaccine matter or vaccine virus for the cowpox inoculum (the virus-continuing material used in inoculations), and vaccinations as a name for the inoculation procedure.
Incubate the inoculum at the propagation conditions recommended (i.
Operational variables as pH and initial inoculum size as well as supplementation of industrial media with yeast extract, and tryptone were evaluated by means of experimental methodology.
5, temperature 40 C, inoculum size of 6x106 conidia in 50 mL of culture medium and agitation rate of 200 rev/min.