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a medical practitioner who inoculates people against diseases

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A multi-point inoculator (Mast Diagnostics, England) was used for inoculating multiple isolates simultaneously.
The Smiler's 5 mental manipulations THE GIGGLER - infectious, intoxicating laughing gas THE INOCULATOR - jab of happiness as you pass by THE FLASHER - A giant flashing device, blinding you as you hurtle underneath the leg.
That smallpox matter retained its infectivity over an extensive period of time is confirmed by the vicar of Mid and South Yell who described the work of Johnny Notions (John Williamson), an inoculator in the Shetland Islands during the late 1700s, who used matter that he had kept for years.
Filter-sterilized test agents were added to basal medium in petri plates and inoculated with suspensions of the test species using an MIC 2000 inoculator.
Nickel ensures isolation of the inoculator (molybdenum) particles from each other, thus preventing their coalescing and coagulation at the stage of the modifier introduction into the melt.
Razzell cited a 1792 article describing how an English amateur inoculator dried smallpox scabs in peat smoke, stored them underground covered with camphor, and used them as long as 8 years later (6).
A MEDICAL diagnostics firm has created an inoculator machine that is meeting the needs of laboratories.
All tests were assayed on plates and were spot inoculated with a multipoint inoculator, except for O/F (oxidative or fermentative metabolism of glucose), ODC (ornithine decarboxylase), LDC (lysine decarboxylase), HDC (histidine decarboxylase), ADH (arginine dihydrolase), Voges-Proskauer, methyl red, Kligler, nitrate reduction, indole production, and the hydrolysis of urea when tests were performed in tubes.
Should we therefore respect individual preferences and consider inoculations to be a private transaction (between inoculator and inoculatee)?
If we discarded one approach, what would we do with the expensive equipment--the dispenser and inoculator for microdilution or the replica plate reader system?
The NOD/SCID mice were anesthetized, and the distal pancreases were exteriorized,[sup][27],[28] and 10[sup]6 viable tumor cells in 10 [micro]l of cell suspension were injected into the pancreas using an inoculator with a 27-gauge needle.