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Synonyms for inoculate

introduce an idea or attitude into the mind of

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introduce a microorganism into

perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

insert a bud for propagation

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impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune

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This study evaluated the effect of endophytic bacterium inoculation on sprouts and microgreens growth of common buckwheat.
To confirm the pathogenicity of isolate, leaf whorl inoculation was done on 21 days old plants of susceptible sorghum cultivar under controlled glasshouse conditions.
The inoculation of legumes with rhizobia has become an important practice to increase the nitrogen fixation and improve the soil fertility.
Five inoculations treatments (control, FA3, STM3043, STM3045 and USDA110), two phosphorus levels (0 and 50 kg of P2O5 ha-1) arranged in split plot design were established in twelve farmers' fields.
3]:non-irrigation at start of grain filling stage (light stress), and sub plots were four levels of seed inoculations with biofertilizers (no inoculation, VA mycorrhiza fungus, Azotobacter and coinoculation with mycorrhiza fungus plus with Azotobacter bacterium).
In both countries, veterans who received biological warfare inoculations for anthrax or other threats were more likely to report symptoms compared with non-Gulf War veterans who did not receive such inoculations.
Upon completion of the trial, 150 participants will have received the vaccine products using two DNA inoculations followed by two MVA inoculations, 75 participants will have received the vaccine using three MVA inoculations and 75 participants will have received placebo.
It was only a matter of time before a preventable disease such as TB would blight our society and, unless the relevant authorities heed the resolution of Coun Deirdre Alden's health scrutiny committee for the reintroduction of inoculations, we could see a problem of epidemic proportions.
We parents lined up our kids for inoculations, never dreaming that there might be risks.
Earlier, Liang Xiaofeng, director of the immunization center under the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, had said the inoculations are safe, but the possibility of adverse reactions cannot be ruled out.
I am a registered nurse with a bachelor of nursing, who has made an informed decision on whether or not my children or myself will receive inoculations for the purpose of immunisation.
A GP who faked blood tests result to allay parents' fears about the effectiveness of separate measles, mumps and rubella inoculations his private clinic gave to toddlers is facing jail.
Thousands of families concerned at reports that autism could be linked to the controversial all-in-one MMR jab paid pounds 70 to have separate inoculations at Pugh's Elstree Aerodrome clinic, Cambridge Crown Court heard.
I had to pay the bill even though they hadn't waited a day to see if anyone would phone and claim he was theirs and had all his inoculations.