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Synonyms for inoculating

the act of protecting against disease by introducing a vaccine into the body to induce immunity

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Warwickshire Wildlife are inoculating their badgers, why can't the farmers inoculate their cows?
wasobserved 100% protection in experimental rabbits by inoculating undiluted hyperimmune sera in experimental rabbits while its protection level was declined with serial dilution.
They applied coating solutions to the surface of the roasted turkey before and after inoculating samples with five-strain cocktails of S.
The system does not require needles to inoculate or subculture the test tubes, eliminating the risk of needlestick injuries while inoculating tubes or working up positive cultures.
Health care workers should be the top priority to receive immunization with the pandemic influenza vaccine, and individual countries should take their nations' domestic needs into account when determining how to prioritize inoculating subgroups vulnerable to the virus, a top international health panel has decided.
Specifically, when the photocatalytic titanium dioxide particles are inoculated in cancer tissues and then the tissues are exposed to an ultraviolet ray, the growth of cancer can be hindered compared to cancer tissues without inoculating the particles.
Some experiments on inoculating methods with plant viruses, and on local lesions.
Recent investigations have examined combining the two methods at one point in the mold by inserting inoculating pellets in the filter centers.
By inoculating mice with engineered viruses that carried just one or the other of the two genes, Kawaoka's team found that the hemagglutinin gene alone was enough to increase the virus' pathogenicity.
Specifically, it involves inoculating pea seed with Rhizobium bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi," says plant geneticist Fred.
began inoculating hospital and public health workers against smallpox this week.
By inoculating oak logs with mushroom spores, the company has created an unusual business producing an array of exotic organic mushrooms, and this autumn will see its first major crop.