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Synonyms for inoculate

introduce an idea or attitude into the mind of

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introduce a microorganism into

perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

insert a bud for propagation

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impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune

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If this bite can be used to inoculate mosquitoes to make them incapable of spreading malaria, it could help stop transmission of the infection.
For example, countries whose first priority is reducing sickness and death may choose to focus on inoculating the elderly and chronically ill first, while those countries whose priority is reducing the spread of infection may decide to inoculate schoolchildren first, she said.
English borrowed this verb as inoculate with the same meaning.
Back in England, Lady Mary encouraged her surgeon to inoculate her son and others.
In cultivated peas, for example, farmers inoculate their crop's seed with Rhizobium bacteria, but not mycorrhizal fungi.
The Missouri Department of Health planned to inoculate 110 people last week with more scheduled through March.
The country's Health Ministry announced it would inoculate thousands more emergency workers against smallpox.
And George Washington's secret decision to inoculate his troops was crucial to winning the war.
Inoculate pieces of the construction materials with 1E6 resistant indicator spores.
A VACCINE to inoculate children against leukaemia could be developed following the discovery that the disease is primarily caused by infection.
We as a culture have begun to devise strategies to help inoculate some of our daughters against sex-role stereotyping we believe is anachronistic and harmful.
The Inovoject[R] is designed and constructed to inoculate and transfer all of the various flat configurations.
The idea is to inoculate all infected trees with the less virulent, non-lethal fungus, thereby infecting the virulent native fungus and tipping the odds in favor of the trees.