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Synonyms for inoculate

introduce an idea or attitude into the mind of

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introduce a microorganism into

perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

insert a bud for propagation

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impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune

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We evaluated the method to inoculate the tumor tissues prior to establishing the subcutaneously implanted tumor model in addition to evaluating the method for the inoculation of tumor tissue homogenates to optimize this abdominal metastasis model.
Working by myself, I could handle, hand-drill, inoculate and wax an average of about three 42-inch logs per hour.
Warwickshire Wildlife are inoculating their badgers, why can't the farmers inoculate their cows?
Users must collect a sample, inoculate the PDX-SIB media and incubate.
This study showed that using Matrix[R] to inoculate Phase II compost effectively reduced spawn-run durations by at least 4 days when compared to millet grain spawn at 77[degrees]F.
SCIENTISTS have proposed a novel method in their quest to find a durable weapon for preventing the spread of malaria -- a vaccine to inoculate the disease- spreading mosquitoes.
The system does not require needles to inoculate or subculture the test tubes, eliminating the risk of needlestick injuries while inoculating tubes or working up positive cultures.
For example, countries whose first priority is reducing sickness and death may choose to focus on inoculating the elderly and chronically ill first, while those countries whose priority is reducing the spread of infection may decide to inoculate schoolchildren first, she said.
Back in England, Lady Mary encouraged her surgeon to inoculate her son and others.
In cultivated peas, for example, farmers inoculate their crop's seed with Rhizobium bacteria, but not mycorrhizal fungi.
The Missouri Department of Health planned to inoculate 110 people last week with more scheduled through March.