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Synonyms for inobtrusive

not showy or obtrusive

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Copeland of the Indianapolis Star described Hopke as "one of the quietest, cleanest and most inobtrusive players" that ever wore an Indianapolis uniform.
76) The Court's precedents have held a dog sniff to be inobtrusive to the extent that it is not a search.
As an experienced biographer Shapiro has seemingly churned out this book on creative autopilot and it seems the only positive aspect of this rudimentary catalogue of anecdotes is that Shapiro's tone and style is adequately inobtrusive.
I tell you, it hasn't been easy for many of us to dress up as straight people, drive to the Denny's in Glendale, and order the Kermit and Miss Piggy 25th anniversary special just so we could have a quiet, inobtrusive place to plan this man's downfall.
Socrates' inobtrusive remark in Book 4 about holding women in common (423e) so riveted Polemarchus that he waited patiently for Socrates to explain himself, then forced the discussion in Book 5 when it became clear that Socrates was avoiding the issue.