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lacking knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and methods


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Aside from the innumerate hysteria, Bush sketched a worldview in which the federal government is single-handedly responsible for making sure all assets appreciate indefinitely.
But the innumerate will not be the only ones who resort to the time-honoured shopping technique of grabbing the closest, the most hyped or the most nicely packaged item.
We should be eliminating form study, that bane of the innumerate and the intellectually challenged.
Dai Rees came second three times, Dave Thomas and Brian Huggett filled the same spot twice, while anyone who remembers Woosie at Lytham in 2001 will know that only an innumerate Irish caddie was to blame that year.
Having had experience working with recent college graduates who are borderline illiterate and innumerate, I can not imagine how much lower standards will have to sink to accommodate everybody.
According to the company, the most probable explanation for DDoS attacks on small business is that the attackers incorrectly believe the target domain belongs to an ISP and as a result bombards the domain with innumerate combinations of e-mail addresses in an attempt to ascertain actual addresses, in a type of attack known as a Directory Harvest Attack (DHA).
They are mostly illiterate and innumerate, with few skills.
Some 60 per cent of inmates in British prisons are functionally illiterate and innumerate (AR October 2003), a shameful fact that fuels high levels of recidivism (over half of prisoners re-offend within two years of release).
Yet many people believe that they work until mid-May just to pay taxes because of the "Tax Freedom Day" publicity stunt, which innumerate reporters fall for every year.
The 3300 FSV is an infra-red absorption monitor that offers precise and reliable detection in innumerate applications, including those with polluted atmospheres beyond the scope of traditional detection systems.
First, though, let me apologize for my innumerate lapse.
Being innumerate is less objectionable today in most places than, say, smoking or overdoing masculine pronouns.
Wolf, who studied this "two-cultures phenomenon" in British Commonwealth countries, says he found that by offering only literature or science in upper grades, "you often had scientists who were illiterate or humanists who were innumerate.