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Synonyms for innovative

Synonyms for innovative

characterized by or productive of new things or new ideas

not the same as what was previously known or done

Synonyms for innovative

ahead of the times

being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before

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Oculus Innovative Sciences disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.
He says an innovative idea is one that can make the trip not just from shop to store shelf, but from the shelf to the cash register.
Also, the New York State Common Retirement Fund recently announced a $3 million investment in Innovative Stone, to be matched by private equity firm Easton Hunt Capital Partners, for a total of $6 million in financing.
Innovative Gaming announced on March 8, 1994, that it was exercising its Class A Warrants, issued in conjunction with the company's initial public offering in May 1993.
However, researchers at Innovative Silicon have turned this parasitic effect into a useful feature by replacing the capacitor in a conventional DRAM cell with the capacitance between the gate and the buried oxide layer (BOX).
Brad Olah, chief executive officer of Innovative, stated that "now that we have completed our initial public offering, we can focus our efforts on selling Live Video Blackjack machines by developing arrangements with established gaming distributors, applying for licenses in more jurisdictions and through traditional sales and marketing efforts.
Hitachi Chemical and Innovative Glass Corporation are licensees of Research Frontiers Incorporated (Nasdaq: REFR), the developer and licensor of patented suspended particle device (SPD) light-control technology.
Innovative Metabolics is a privately held company founded by two of Critical Therapeutics' co-founders, Kevin J.
Pillar extended its technology advantage in 2006, by introducing several innovative industry firsts, most notably:
The new support from Innovative Distribution is exciting for us to expand the capabilities of our current VO glove design as well as the company's future to be on the forefront of new innovative product designs and branding.
Innovative Semiconductors([R]) (Innovative), the premier supplier of IP PHY and controller logic, today announced a new pricing model that allows chip designers to test Innovative IP in their chip designs via an evaluation license before committing to a full license.
The contest begins immediately, and is open to any individual or group with proprietary, innovative energy technology (or an innovative services business model) that has not yet received venture capital funding AND that plans to establish its business within New England.
Established Security Solutions Provider IdentiPHI Becomes Channel Partner Distributor of the ICT DisplayCard, Innovative Card Technology's Breakthrough One-Time Password Authentication Card
Awards will be announced in seven categories, including: Most Successful CDHC Program Implementation; Most Innovative CDHC Product or Solution - Wellness Program; Most Innovative CDHC Product or Solution - Employee/Member Education & Communication Tools; Most Innovative CDHC Product or Solution - Convergence and Integration of Health Plan and Financial Institution; Most Innovative CDHC Product or Solution - Custodial Bank; Most Innovative CDHC Product or Solution - Payment Card; and the CDHC Leadership Award.
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