innominate vein

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veins formed by the union of the internal jugular and subclavian veins

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We present two case reports of central venous stenosis, one of right subclavian vein and the other left innominate vein.
In left sided PAPVC, vertical vein that was draining left pulmonary veins to innominate vein was anastomosed side by side with left atrial appendage.
Congenital atresia of the inferior vena cava, common iliac veins, and left innominate vein.
The preoperative computed tomography with contrast demonstrated total thrombotic occlusion in the left innominate vein, minimal thrombosis in the SVC and a lobular mass at the anterior mediastinum (9.
On the right side of the neck, the right lymphatic duct conveys the lymph from the head and neck, the upper extremity and the right side of the thorax to the right innominate vein.
During the course of surgery, while the patient's chest was being opened, the innominate vein was torn.
On the contrary, when the tip was in a different location, such as the innominate vein or the innominate/SVC junction, incidence of thrombosis was as high as 70%.
Here, we reported a male patient, whose imaging studies revealed an ectopic parathyroid gland, located in the lower part of the superior mediastinum, below the innominate vein.