innominate artery

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a large artery arising from the arch of the aorta and divides into the right subclavian artery and the right common carotid artery

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According to these criteria, AAH is present if the AA diameter between the innominate artery and the left common carotid artery is <60% of the ascending aorta diameter, if the AA diameter between the left common carotid artery and the left subclavian artery is <50% of the ascending aorta diameter, or if the diameter of the aortic isthmus is <40% of the ascending aorta diameter.
Proximally the aorta is transected a few millimeters above the valve commissures and distally 2 to 3 cm proximal to the innominate artery.
Surgical and endovascular management of penetrating innominate artery injuries.
The first branch from the aorta is the innominate artery, which separates into the right subclavian and right common carotid artery.
Most fistulas result from direct pressure of the cannula against the innominate artery.
Verlato F, Grego F, Avruscio GP, Milite D, Salmistraro G, Deriu GP: Diagnosis of high-grade stenosis of innominate artery.
The innominate artery and bilateral carotid arteries were intact.
Aberrant innominate artery and asthma were the most frequent diagnoses among children aged <18 months old referred for otolaryngology consultation.
Endovascular treatment of a ruptured innominate artery aneurysm in Behcet disease.
It is true that orientation of brachiocephalic trunk is sometimes attributed to hyperextension of the head as it elevates the innominate artery and brings it against the tracheal wall at the level of tip or cuff of the tracheostomy tube, making the tracheal wall more vulnerable to ulceration.
The dissection flap extended to the arch of aorta, innominate artery and right common carotid arteries (Fig.
was placed across the innominate artery up to the origin of the common carotid artery.
Pulse oximeter probe was placed on right hand so as to assess the pressure on innominate artery during the procedure.