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This innocuousness shows that what was essentially added to the score, by the linguistic act of both bettors, was the record, not the content.
They are presented as herbal preparations that are sold in brightly colored packages, which highlight in their advertising the legality and presumed innocuousness of the product.
However, the potential adverse effects of these compounds make their innocuousness questioned [5,6].
Thus, in a case from 1990, were the plaintiff brought scientific evidence on the innocuousness (10) for health of 5 hormones banned by a Directive of the Commission, the CJEU confirmed directly that Directive: "because a precautionary measure cannot be based only on scientific data" (11).
(63) The moral flaw, Trawny has recently pointed out, lies in Heidegger's leveling the Shoa into the general process of production, a "recalcitrant refusal to acknowledge the unconditional moral meaning of the Shoa." (64) Here Wahrnehmungsvergessenheit sheds its technical innocuousness, disclosing its ethical implications.
Since its discovery and description by Goldberg and Margalit [10], Bti has shown remarkable effectiveness in killing mosquitoes, in contrast to its innocuousness to humans and other mammals, aquatic vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants.
CNDs exhibit excellent photostability, biocompatibility, and innocuousness properties in contrast with other allotropes of nanocarbons [17].
speciosa extract can be a useful resource for the production of a standardized antiulcer product, especially given that toxicological studies have demonstrated the innocuousness of this plant extract [65].
(...) Were it not for the experiments made by dozens of researchers in more than 15 countries, underlining the persistent innocuousness of these substances, we would not be here today presenting them.
It has not been clothed with authority to make a declaration as to the innocuousness of any particular corporation or agreement....").
The store owner, Osama Farouq, insists on the innocuousness of the signs despite the backlash he has received from local and foreign pedestrians since he started his business in the street, nicknamed Cairo's Champs-Elysees.
From Stephen Schwartz to Andrew Lloyd Webber, from American Idiot to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the very term "rock musical" is now meaningless, in that the rock sensibility is now so default in the form that even a glum story about a suburban woman's battle with clinical depression (Next to Normal) was couched in a rock idiom; Lloyd Webber's current hit, School of Rock, only further makes the point about rock's ubiquity and essentially innocuousness. Historian Mark N.
Alginate has been used as the encapsulating material due to its ability to absorb water, to be easy manipulated and innocuousness, having also other features such as gelling, stabilizing and thickening, reasons which have been of great interest to the food industry (GOH et al., 2012).