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As such they appear to have demonstrated, according to the works of Pincus, Mears, Tyler, Rice-Wray, among others, in hundreds of thousands of cycles, effectiveness and innocuousness in terms of organic acceptance.
Assessment of hydrogen sulfide innocuousness on Cavia porcellus (guinea pigs) cardiac tissue
But Trish, a survivor of childhood rape trauma who spoke at the rally, belied the innocuousness of the mayor's words.
The store owner, Osama Farouq, insists on the innocuousness of the signs despite the backlash he has received from local and foreign pedestrians since he started his business in the street, nicknamed Cairo's Champs-Elysees.
From Stephen Schwartz to Andrew Lloyd Webber, from American Idiot to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the very term "rock musical" is now meaningless, in that the rock sensibility is now so default in the form that even a glum story about a suburban woman's battle with clinical depression (Next to Normal) was couched in a rock idiom; Lloyd Webber's current hit, School of Rock, only further makes the point about rock's ubiquity and essentially innocuousness.
Alginate has been used as the encapsulating material due to its ability to absorb water, to be easy manipulated and innocuousness, having also other features such as gelling, stabilizing and thickening, reasons which have been of great interest to the food industry (GOH et al.
Although the article does quote the comments of a person supporting the school, citing the existence of other alternative schools (introduced on similar cultural and inclusivity grounds catering to French-speaking and gay/lesbian groups) as evidence of the innocuousness of the AAS, overall it reports on the perceived inappropriateness of the AAS.
innocuousness, in vitro efficacy), in addition to that on quality of the raw materials and each of its components.
A second argument against compensation is the innocuousness of the burning of fossil fuels, i.
Innocuousness compliance costs at "Persa" lemon packinghouses in Veracruz, Mexico
By contrast herbal highs imply a degree of innocuousness, while anti-drug campaigners frequently proclaim their preference for "being on a natural high" through their pursuit of sport for example.
In "Tracing the Figure," the artist floats off-center a female figure reduced to the elegant, linear pictogram that appears on trash bins and strangely, given its apparent innocuousness, makes me think of the icon stamped on a door or a pinafore in Margaret Atwood's gruesome novel The Handmaid's Tale.
The intermittency of this "now and then," like the modern innovations in "A Rose for Emily" that happened not all at once but over the course of a generation, provides a cloak of innocuousness that covers over systemic cracks that are being aggravated beneath the surface of Jefferson's seeming timelessness.
1995) (noting the contextual nature of innocuousness, the differing