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an innocent quality or thing or act

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15) Speed, Christs Innocency Pleaded (London: for Giles Calvert, 1656), p.
For man by the fall fell at the same time from his state of innocency and from his dominion over creation.
In contrast to Leriana, who advises the queen that she may do what she likes as long as no one finds out about it, Digby insists that Stelliana "cared for no other witness of her honour than the innocency of her conscience" (PM Appendix 40).
But, Dryden continued, "'tis not sufficient for the more moderate and well-meaning Papists (of which I doubt not there are many) to produce the evidences of their loyalty to the late king, and to declare their innocency in this [Popish] Plot.
Obtaining a decree of innocency was therefore of vital importance to those who had lost their property under the Cromwellian regime.
While calling his listeners to conscientious public service, he reminded them of an approaching day when they might "put on the white robes of innocency, and enter in through the gates of the city.
Cost of living commissions only corroborated what was already common knowledge, that under the very eyes of the government, with the blessing of the Food Board, and without disturbing the innocency of the Commissioner of Taxation, Canadian corporations were reaping a bumper crop, a crop so large that a business man could scarcely help garnering in a portion of it.
When castigated by Hal for accusing the Hostess of picking his pockets, Falstaff admits, "Thou knowest in the state of innocency Adam fell; and what should poor Jack Falstaff do in the days of villainy?
Hearing me talk Simply, they laught at my Innocency, and in their Mirth become Good Friends and Sociable Companions" (129).
upon my innocency and faithful service to his Majesty, and therefore
Richard Whitbourne, when describing the now-extinct great auk, spoke of its ability to "multiply so infinitly," and of God's gift of "the innocency of so poore a creature, to become such an admirable instrument for the sustenation of man.