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supply nerves to (some organ or body part)

stimulate to action

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As per the location of entry points of these nerves in the iliacus muscle, NI1, NI2, NI3 and femoral nerve itself might be innervating the upper and middle part of this muscle whereas NI4 and NI5 might be supplying lower part of iliacus/iliopsoas muscle.
Because PECS II block could not completely block all the nerves innervating the breast, including the anterior cutaneous branch of the TICN, it could not provide complete postoperative analgesia after BCS and SNB.
One week before the animal euthanasia, populations of MNs innervate the following muscles: TA of the right hindlimb, GM of the left hindlimb, and ECM of the right side of the tail were labeled by intramuscular injection by cholera toxin subunit B (CTB) coupled with Alexa Fluor 555 dye (see examples of CTB-labeled MNs innervating TA, GM, and ECM muscles in Figure 1).
(21), has it immediately pass obliquely and inferiorly through the middle scalene without innervating it.
Local stimulation of the cutaneous vasomotor (blood vessel innervating) fibers by iontophoretic application of acetylcholine evokes orthodromic conduction of an action potential which then reaches an axon branch point.
The ratio of PV-positive boutons innervating granule cell bodies decreased to about two-thirds in the mild and to about one-third in the patchy and sclerotic epileptic group (Table 2).
Further, the estimated number of neurons innervating a single FSC, in which 52 club-like endings where counted, is 44 (assuming that 16 club-like endings bifurcated).
They are of opinion that origin and insertion of both subclavius posticus muscle and the inferior belly of omohyoid muscle are similar; only the origins of the innervating branches differ.
"This has led to the hypothesis that microbes within the gut comprise a community that forms a microbial organ interfacing with the mammalian nervous system that innervates the gastrointestinal tract." (That nervous system innervating the GI tract is called the "enteric nervous system." It contains roughly half a billion neurons, compared with 85 billion neurons in the central nervous system.)
For example, climbing teaches the body to work as one integrated unit, challenging the musculoskeletal structures as well as the neuromuscular system responsible for innervating movement.
Measurements of multiple nerve branches innervating the same muscle in one specimen were averaged.
(19) Fibers innervating the periodontal tissues in human are immunoreactive to a number of neuropeptides, including SP, CGRP, VIP, and NPY.
Listening to this music is like recalling a long lost high school crush -- clumsy, juvenile, but warm, innervating and cute all the same.
On each side, the axons then branch, with one process extending into the ipsolateral velar lobe and the other ultimately innervating the contralateral velar lobe (Kempf et al., 1997).