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supply nerves to (some organ or body part)

stimulate to action

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An event to mark the opening of Innervate's office in Bahrain was hosted by British Ambassador Simon Martin at his official residence.
It innervates skeletal muscle of the levator palpebrae superioris and all of the extrinsic muscles, except the superior oblique and lateral rectus.
Alzayani, minister of industry, commerce and tourism and senior management from the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) joined the British Ambassador Simon Martin, Innervate CEO Andy Startin, representatives from the Department of UK Trade and Industry, Bahrain Fintech Bay and Microsoft, together with members of the local business community, to welcome the opening of Innervate Technology.
Innervate's main clients in the region include the Saudi British Bank, Mitsubishi Bank, Aspen Insurance and Carnival Cruise.
One week before the animal euthanasia, populations of MNs innervate the following muscles: TA of the right hindlimb, GM of the left hindlimb, and ECM of the right side of the tail were labeled by intramuscular injection by cholera toxin subunit B (CTB) coupled with Alexa Fluor 555 dye (see examples of CTB-labeled MNs innervating TA, GM, and ECM muscles in Figure 1).
The DSN was reported to innervate the LS only in 48% of the cases described by Nguyen et al.
Dendritic interneurons project their axons to the dendritic region of principal cells and control their input, while perisomatic interneurons innervate the axon initial segment and the somatic region (including proximal dendrites) of principal cells to influence their output.
When injected into an early stage chicken embryo, the hiNSCs incorporated into the brain as well as the neurons of the peripheral nervous system that innervate tissues in a developing limb.
Those fibers innervate facial structures and the cerebral and meningeal blood vessels and are implicated in the pain and accompanying autonomic symptoms of a cluster headache attack.
More than 70% of the neurons innervating the mystacial vibrissae responded to stimulation of the upper A-C rows, whereas our results from 16 neurons with club-like endings primarily innervate vibrissae in the lower rows (C-E and small vibrissae).
The rami will ascend superomedially to innervate the lateral orbicularis oculi, frontalis, and corrugator muscles.
When individual spinal segments are subluxated (misaligned, causing associated nerve interference) over the course of time, a degenerative process begins to breakdown the normal integrity of these bones, as well as causing nerve pressure affecting the specific areas of the body these segments innervate. This degenerative process, in effect, is the inflammation and deterioration of the joint capsules and bony surfaces, creating synovitis and arthritis, as well as disc disease and abnormal overgrowth of these bony surfaces.
The first step in repeating this design and optimization procedure for the sciatic nerve is the specification of the fascicular structure of the branches that innervate ankle musculature.