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Synonyms for innersole

the inner sole of a shoe or boot where the foot rests


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and one of the largest producers of direct response infomercials, today announced a cooperative direct response venture with FootFridge[TM] Innersoles International to launch FootFridge[TM] Innersoles in the United States.
These changes in the sole, half sole and innersole, would minimize the effect of impacts that predispose to dance-related SUI.
Check the outersole and the midsole (pull out the innersole and inspect underneath).
in size 9) and good-looking, it pampers your foot with a cushy, Contoured Comfort Innersole that lives up to its name.
Cushioning is supplied by a pre-molded outsole and removable innersole that can accommodate orthotic devices.
The Selous comes in a cloth travelling sack with polish, cloth, brush, spare laces, and alternative innersoles.
12) There was no significant relationship between ankle injury rates and the use of shock absorbing innersoles, traditional hard shoes, traditional pomps, or shock absorbing pomps.
But the Belgian looked as though he was playing with lead innersoles and in manacles against the mercurial Gradel as the Ivorian twisted and turned the lumbering full back every which way.
Uses for cork include dartboards, flooring, shoe innersoles, gaskets, seals, roofing, thermal insulation and the industry employs over 30,000 people directly, with over 80,000 people employed in total across the whole of Europe.
Moreover, the boundaries of the foot care category have been expanded in recent years well beyond the traditional assortment of foam innersoles and athlete's foot medications to include highly specialized grooming implements and indulgence products that promise to replicate in the home the spa experience.