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Synonyms for inlet

Synonyms for inlet

a body of water partly enclosed by land but having a wide outlet to the sea


Synonyms for inlet

an arm off of a larger body of water (often between rocky headlands)

an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container

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Traykovski was among researchers from several institutions who have converged on New River Inlet in a five-year project funded by the Office of Naval Research to study the complex dynamics that move water and sand in inlets and river mouths.
Army Corps of Engineers has issued the required "Section 10 Permit" authorizing Buccaneer's use of a jack-up rig in the navigable waters of the Cook Inlet for the planned exploration activities.
The results are organized into three papers covering the step-by-step process taken to determine the quantitative differences between Standard 70 data and typical field installations that take into account different inlet conditions.
If intra-oral placement of the HVE attachment is not practical, the assistant may need to position the HVE inlet slightly outside the mouth opening.
It is an honor to be named one of this year's top 100 private global companies and we are proud to be recognized by Red Herring for our consistent leadership, strong partnerships and first-to-market innovations," commented Don Bossi, CEO of Inlet Technologies.
The venture's newest vehicle, Inlet Real Estate Finance L.
Anthony's Catholic Church in Inlet, he is also a member of the Knights of Columbus, the American Society of Appraisers, the Society of Plastic Engineers, he was a past member of the Sterling, Mass.
Range of Experimental Parameters Experimental Parameters Range Inlet temperature 7.
In this issue of the Southern Medical Journal, Chong et al report 5 cases of esophageal inlet patch presenting with various laryngeal and oropharyngeal symptoms, ranging from asymptomatic to protracted symptoms such as chronic cough.
Nohoch Nah Chich, located in the tiny Mayan village of Rancho San Felipe, featured a clear underground inlet.
Based on the location of the exophytic process in this patient's esophageal inlet, we believe that these changes were initiated by the 6 weeks of nasogastric intubation.
Most of ENC's noise-suppression projects deal with such equipment as vertical cooling fans (inlet and outlet), horizontal cooling fans (inlet and outlet), engine exhausts, engine combustion air inlets and building ventilation.
Other typical causes of low vacuum levels include an open valve in the vacuum line or header, plugged screens at the vacuum pump inlet, an uncovered barometric seal leg from a preseparator or low seal-water flow at the vacuum pump.
Stellars Power and Utilities division has completed a Gas Turbine Inlet Air Chilling Project located for Rumford Power' Inc.
The Curb Inlet Drain Diaper Insert is currently available for storm sewer inlets with open curb sides.