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Synonyms for inkstand

a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dipped


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a tray or stand for writing implements and containers for ink

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The red bit, the black bit, the inkstand top, the other inkstand top, the little sand-box.
She lingered in the room with the inkstand in her hand.
Yes!' For he saw me glance, involuntarily, at the prospect on the inkstand. 'That's the church!
"You'd have nothing but horses, inkstands, and novels in yours," answered Meg petulantly.
If the inkstand had been where the old gentleman though it was, he would have dipped his pen into it, and signed the indentures, and Oliver would have been straightway hurried off.
Upon the table (a huge iron plate supported upon six carronades) stood an inkstand of exquisite elegance, made of a beautifully chased Spanish piece, and a sonnette, which, when required, could give forth a report equal to that of a revolver.
Tom entered with his usual saddened evening face, but his eyes fell immediately on the open Bible and the inkstand, and he glanced with a look of anxious surprise at his father, who was saying,--
It was a dirty little box, this counting-house, with nothing in it but an old ricketty desk and two stools, a hat-peg, an ancient almanack, an inkstand with no ink, and the stump of one pen, and an eight-day clock which hadn't gone for eighteen years at least, and of which the minute-hand had been twisted off for a tooth-pick.
'Let me have nine- penn'oth o' brandy-and-water luke, and the inkstand, will you, miss?'
The brandy-and-water luke, and the inkstand, having been carried into the little parlour, and the young lady having carefully flattened down the coals to prevent their blazing, and carried away the poker to preclude the possibility of the fire being stirred, without the full privity and concurrence of the Blue Boar being first had and obtained, Sam Weller sat himself down in a box near the stove, and pulled out the sheet of gilt-edged letter-paper, and the hard-nibbed pen.
"I will kill him," I shouted suddenly, striking the table with my fist so that the ink spurted out of the inkstand.
This time the opportunity presented what he fatuously termed to himself a "cinch." A young woman of a modest and pleasing guise was standing before a show window gazing with sprightly interest at its display of shaving mugs and inkstands, and two yards from the window a large policeman of severe demeanour leaned against a water plug.
Photograph The Canterbury Auction Galleries It seems the tide has turned, and oriental arts are now sailing their way back An unusual 19th-century Vizagapatam buffalo horn, porcupine quill and sandalwood architectural inkstand. It sold for PS660 despite its poor condition.
There was also an inkstand, a stylographic manifold writer (unused), "75 copies of a pamphlet in paper covers of 'A second letter to John Soane Esq on the subject of the new churches,' six French exercise books and some empty account books," household accounts, "Two empty tin drawing cases, a roll of drawing paper," various plates for A Description of the House and Museum, "a red morocco dispatch case with key" containing loose letters, which still survives, many other documents and letters related to George Soane and his family, and a packet of reports from the spies Soane had engaged to follow his other son, Frederick Soane, "while at Mr.
For example, in Brower, [an] inkstand and stopper were deemed to be