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a bottle of ink


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Reacting with violence, Woolf turns upon the Angel, killing her, and, forever after, Woolf writes, "whenever I felt the shadow of her wing or the radiance of her halo upon my page, I took up the inkpot and flung it at her.
Holmes dipped his pen into the inkpot again and, with a flourish, expunged the hopes of You're Agoodun and Blowing Wind.
He poured more wine and took it to the desk, leaving it in easy reach well away from the inkpot.
The gaze is grave and searching; one foot topples a horn of plenty from which spills a cascade of gold and silver, sign of instability; the left hand checks the act of the god, while the right hand displays history's instruments: the book, the inkpot, and the stylus (Ricoeur 2004, viii).
The visual texture of this cartoon panel of scratchy, deep etching type coupled with the pointed and straight ends of the strokes suggest that the tool used by the artist are dip pen and inkpot.
As Kathleen Winter asserts, "there is a nod, in these line and shadow pieces, and in the stories, to Poe, to Oscar Wilde, to old craft that involves a quill, an inkpot, and a sinister edge" (xi).
This process involves a two-part adhesive that is mixed just prior to putting it into the inkpot.
I want you to figure to yourselves a girl sitting with a pen in her hand, which for minutes, and indeed for hours, she never dips into the inkpot.
Venerable editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant was one of the recipients of the 2009 Inkpot Award at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.
ceramic bowl brought to Tibet--and described on three full pages in the catalogue--, an inkpot and some writing utensils are rather lost in the exhibition and do not allow some deeper insight into the life and works of the leading hierarchs of Tibet
Each artist was then given a set pattern to work within designed by the curator in which they had to work, and each was then printed up as single colour decals that were produced by a local artisan print studio, Inkpot Studios.
My partner Jon and I, own and operate Inkpot Studios Pty Ltd in Hobart, a small business we established in 1988 shortly after leaving art school.
93-96) on a scribe that Brendan meets in mid-ocean, floating on a leaf and measuring the sea with an inkpot.
Her work has appeared in The Flint Hills Review, Wisconsin Academy Review, Inkpot, The Muir View, The Bennington Review, Florida Review, and Rosebud.
A turned over inkpot at the teacher's desk further conveys the raucous environment of the classroom.