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a block of absorbent material saturated with ink

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ma'am put your left thumb on the inkpad and place it inside the
Making an extra-large felt inkpad is easier for Kira rather than messing with glass or trays.
He allows me to unwrap his velcro joggers and soaked socks - his freezing feet have pitting marbled oedema, his skin is an inkpad taking my fingerprints.
Each tunnel contained a plastic tracking board with an inkpad in the middle consisting of a piece of absorbent cleaning cloth.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 15, 2011-New publishing imprint InkPad Press launched by Demibooks And Kane Miller(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
"Many thanks to our sponsors Frameline, Kirkby Signs, Inkpad Tattoo Studios as well as the parents who assist - it's helped us create a safe and enjoyable experience for all the kids involved." ?
Customers are offered a choice: wait a few days so the originator of the check can be contacted or press their thumb on an inkpad and leave it on the check.
Your weightlifting Smurf, below, is quite rare as he is also a stamp (and should still have the inkpad) and currently he commands around pounds 15 to pounds 20 in a box.
The imprints are a clearly legible 3/16 coffee cup image; which can be stamped-up on any standard inkpad. The turned wood handle also adds to the convenience, since it fits comfortably in your hand and easily lends itself to being attached to a lanyard for safekeeping on countertops.
I'll just say that the moment the first child's little fingers are pressed on to the inkpad, we should be asking ourselves just what we've come to.
The former has everything that is needed to "print" a fresh crime scene: magnifying glass, inkpad, dusting brush, black powder, lifting tape, and file and specimen cards.
KALTENBACH inkpad signature that is itself canceled by another, superimposed: CECI N'EST PAS UNE AUTEUR.
When using the system, a person places his or her thumb on an inkpad and then applies the print to the object to be protected.
Available in October, the line's star product, Levres Impression de Chanel, offers creamy lip colors that are released from a spongy inkpad.