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a block of absorbent material saturated with ink

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Chicago-based leading digital publishing technologies company Demibooks Inc announced on Monday a new publishing imprint called InkPad Press.
The imprints are a clearly legible 3/16 coffee cup image; which can be stamped-up on any standard inkpad.
I'll just say that the moment the first child's little fingers are pressed on to the inkpad, we should be asking ourselves just what we've come to.
The former has everything that is needed to "print" a fresh crime scene: magnifying glass, inkpad, dusting brush, black powder, lifting tape, and file and specimen cards.
KALTENBACH inkpad signature that is itself canceled by another, superimposed: CECI N'EST PAS UNE AUTEUR.
When using the system, a person places his or her thumb on an inkpad and then applies the print to the object to be protected.
Available in October, the line's star product, Levres Impression de Chanel, offers creamy lip colors that are released from a spongy inkpad.
Pre-A, A--scissors, whole walnuts (in shell), clay, pipe cleaners, crayons, Cheerios[R] (optional--water-based inkpad or marker)
The traditional inkpad fingerprint is a prime example of an invasive, hard-to-use method.
inkpad and paper (to make fingerprints), monocle, plastic glasses with nose attached, Sherlock Holmes pipe, telescope, walkie-talkie.
Alden Press (IL) American Signature (CT) Banta Catalog Group (MN) Beacon Wholesale Printing (WA) The College Press (TN) Des Plaines Publishing (IL) The Digital InkPad (IA) Fry Communications (PA) Graphic Innovations (VA) Graphic Ventures (GA) The Horah Group (NY) Impact 5 (NJ) Metroweb (KY) Perry Printing (WI) Quad/Graphics (WI) Quebecor Printing (MA) Rono Graphic Communications (OR) R.
He's sitting at his desk in the Newcastle United promotions office at St James' Park armed with a big pile of Super Seven Lottery vouchers, an inkpad and stamp.
They can also make their own fingerprints by pressing a finger onto a washable inkpad or by coloring a finger with a washable marker.
The kits, complete with inkpad and storage tin, come in five different categories: family and friends; dates and seasons; holidays and events; love and romance; and vacation and travel.
Stamps can be created in 11 different sizes and are pre-inked, so there is no need for a separate inkpad.