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a linen tape used for trimming as a decoration

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The family were inspired to name the property Inkles Haugh, after reading an old history book.
Pillow lace-making and weaving on an Inkle Loom, embroidery, tatting, cross-stitch, and knitting are other activities at the craft class.
Though it displaces the action to Ceylon, the novel represents an extended development of the' Inkle and Yarigo' theme, which dates back to the seventeenth-century story of an Englishman (Inkle or Hinkle) whose life was saved by an Indian woman whom he then abandoned or, in some versions, sold into slavery along with his own unborn child.
The narration of the "History of Inkle and Yarico" in The Spectator serves as this chapter's key example, a tale that proliferated in "at least twenty-five distinct Anglophone reworkings," each variously demonstrating readers' incessant desires to "flesh out the key moments in Inkle and Yarico's story by visualizing the outward signs of their passions" (56).
Classes offered: natural dyeing, jointed needle felting, spinning with beads, Norweigian designing and felting Origami bags, inkle loom weaving, twined rag rugs, bobbin lace, counterpane knitting, antique sock machine knitting, beginning knitting, spinning classes, and more.
Seven-year-old Thomas Williams learns to spin wool using an Inkle braid weaver as he watches his mother Ann Mae using the Quebec wheel in January 1989' Left: Joyce Jones was famous for spinning behind her wheel dressed in traditional Welsh costume at Caernarfon Castle.
Here nee'le is an elided form of "needle" and inkle is linen tape or thread.
Alienated, Betrayed, and Powerless: A Possible Connection Between Charlotte Temple and the Legend of Inkle and Yarico.
She also vigorously dismantles early and contemporary approaches to the legend of Inkle and Yarico and invokes Yarico's indigenous American perspective with a spirit of connection between present and past that reflects Brathwaite's own poetic and historical approach.
Drawing on the popular legend of Inkle and Yarico and the concept of mimicry elaborated in Bhabha's The Location of Culture, I attempt to show how the text, in a sophisticated double-voiced discourse, links colonization and middle-class gender relations.
He is managing director of the Holders Season Barbados production company,which is co-producing The Tempest, Macbeth (starring Dannii Minogue) and was last night putting on its own show,the Festival Revue's one-off production of a musical called Inkle and Yarico.
I heard the rustle of plastic at the end of the bed and with the great self-discipline that has since failed me every time, I refrained from looking until I heard the distant inkle of sleigh bells.
Besides performances of La Traviata and Le Nozze di Figaro and a one-night stand by Pavarotti (on the polo field, no less), there was a revival of Inkle and Yarico, an 18th-century work by playwright George Colman and Dr.
Inkle is an old English word meaning "belt" or "narrow band.
Inkle a Freeman of Bath, to his Wife at Glouscester" (Dublin, 1776).