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Synonyms for inkiness

the quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness (bearing the least resemblance to white)

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Life is glacial in the frigid inkiness of the deep, so these habitats have developed over thousands of years, sustained by table scraps sinking from a narrow surface layer where sunlight fuels plant growth.
"I think it's inexorably connected to the Quentin Blake-ian inkiness of the drawings.
in a completely impractical spot," and painted the inside "wild black"--"zip, inkiness"--so that shadow swallows any hole, corner, or corridor.
It is true that the reader may take the old lady's appearance as a specter or ghostly presence, but such a supposition is blurred since the presentation of the old lady's emergence apparently contradicts the prototype of a ghost rooted in the reader's mind, something like a slim shadow with a fuzzy face and a hollow voice, wandering around in the inkiness of night.
The newest member in the 908th Expeditionary Refueling Squadron, she struggled to control her nerves as the newly trained boom operator refueled fighter aircraft over a war zone--in the inkiness of night--for the first time.