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Words related to ink

a liquid used for printing or writing or drawing

dark protective fluid ejected into the water by cuttlefish and other cephalopods

append one's signature to

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mark, coat, cover, or stain with ink

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fill with ink

References in classic literature ?
The host, his mind at ease about his bill, placed pen, ink and paper upon the table.
But having gotten over these things in some measure, and having settled my household staff and habitation, made me a table and a chair, and all as handsome about me as I could, I began to keep my journal; of which I shall here give you the copy (though in it will be told all these particulars over again) as long as it lasted; for having no more ink, I was forced to leave it off.
As long as it was only the left drawer instead of the right, and red ink instead of black, I thought it must be the chance blunders of a forger, as you say.
In the early 1990s, some big domestic ink companies established joint ventures with international ink companies.
California 4ever Inks, LLC Accent Ink Advantage Inks & Coatings Bomark, Inc.
Supplies include all CD-related accessories, screens, pads, plates, squeegees, ink cups and doctor blades, inks, emulsions, spare parts, and custom tooling.
The OfficeMax Ink program involves installing Ink Filling Station kiosks in nearly 900 of its stores by the fall of 2006, enabling customers to refill their empty toner cartridges at what could be a 50 percent savings over purchasing a new cartridge.
In essence, should traditional contact ink be applied to the wrong location on a tread, it could eventually be cured into the folds of the tread, resulting in potential delamination.
She's been hiring Ink since 1965 to shoe the hundreds of horses she's had in her stables over the years.
Most ink jet papers sold today are uncoated, multipurpose papers for use on copiers, laser and ink jet printers," he said.
ISC estimates that fake ink and toner cartridges resulted in a $2 billion loss to its member companies, who include Brother International Corp.
A widely used medieval ink called iron gallotannate can leave behind similar yellow stains containing anatase, a type of titanium dioxide.
Articles in Teen Ink magazine encompass the spectrum of teen interests while encouraging budding writers to share their talent with the world.
One major consumer magazine chose to use soy-based inks on an uncoated recycled paper with a hard finish, and they work closely with their color separator and printer to account for the characteristics of the paper and ink.
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