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in an injudicious manner


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closed ward, open ward or outpatient), (3) having committed a specific sexual offence or (4) having a specific diagnosis (ID excluded) suggest the responsible use of CPA in the treatment of sex offenders at the forensic psychiatry unit in that it is not being prescribed injudiciously in this high-risk patient population.
All railway ministers have resorted to populism by injudiciously introducing new train services without first taking steps to ensure that tracks can take extra load.
He said at a time when propaganda is being hatched by India against Pakistan due to the Kashmiris struggle for freedom, the opposition should not act injudiciously to create such a situation which harms national cohesion and unity.
To date these pests are mainly managed by injudiciously spraying large amounts of broad-spectrum, and often, persistent insecticides.
Similarly in this study oxytocin were administered injudiciously in (54.
I do not wish to get Lieutenant William into trouble, but he seems to me to have acted injudiciously, and I should like the military authorities to take steps to prevent these 'press gang' methods in future.
The informal sector openly evades taxes; the formal sector injudiciously uses its position as an ostensibly lone contributor to the government purse.
In preparation for patient care, the physical therapist should be aware of his or her own personal biases, prejudices, attitudes, and values to better understand the effect these beliefs may exert on a patient if they are applied injudiciously.
WORCESTER -- Bancroft School juniors and seniors hear a cautionary tale about a former student who was accepted to the college of his choice but then bragged injudiciously about senioritis on his college's admitted students' Facebook group.
It would of course be injudiciously restrictive to claim that all fantasy texts convey a sense that their protagonists are under control of an already-existing Story, and that sooner or later they come to an awareness of the fact; it is, however, the case that many fantasy texts are clearly and explicitly constructed so as to reveal the controlling presence of an underlying Story, and that the protagonists of many fantasy texts are explicitly aware that they are acting out a tale.
MRSA and other MDROs exist because we use too many antibiotics and use them injudiciously.
These new drugs and combinations are now available and being used injudiciously for treatment of vivax malaria due to fear of chloroquine resistance.
If the county council have acted injudiciously in making the order I do not know why the thing is against me in person.
24) These injections should be done with caution since there is potential for atrophy if done repetitively or injudiciously.
4,5] Ultrabroad-spectrum combination therapy (U-bSCT), whereby the initial empiric choice covers all possible pathogens, has been used injudiciously, with as many as 10 anti-infectives having been prescribed simultaneously.