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Synonyms for injudicious

Synonyms for injudicious

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lacking or showing lack of judgment or discretion

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But at first, when he did not yet feel secure in his position, he knew it would affect too many interests, and would be injudicious.
On his side, he looked down at her with an indulgence so injudicious and so ill-deserved, that I really felt called on to interfere.
Mr Verloc tying up the cardboard box into a parcel for the post, broke the string by an injudicious jerk, and muttered several swear words confidentially to himself.
The chair is canopied, and raised considerably above the floor of the House; and every member has an easy chair and a writing desk to himself: which is denounced by some people out of doors as a most unfortunate and injudicious arrangement, tending to long sittings and prosaic speeches.
Your daughter is at that age when to set before her an encouragement for young persons to rebel against their parents on this most important point, is particularly injudicious.
And may I represent to you that it's injudicious to say the bee?
Ogg's--having found themselves in a false position, had been led into a course which, to say the least of it, was highly injudicious, and productive of sad pain and disappointment, especially to that sweet young thing, Miss Deane.
It seems injudicious at a time when Mr Cameron was trying to convince not only the MPs but also the country about the need for airstrikes in Syria.
Gregory sent Brooks' off-stump spinning to make it 390 for nine with Bairstow on 90 before an injudicious swipe at Gregory cost him his wicket.
IAN Bell insists England did not underestimate the West Indies ahead of the first Test, despite some injudicious comments from the incoming chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board.
Taking notice of injudicious distribution of the gunny bags a high level inquiry committee headed by the Secretary Food had also been formed to investigate the matter, he said.
Clarke said Dyck's comment was thoughtless and injudicious, and that she should apologize for them.
The bench having read a letter written by the prisoner, Dr Oldershaw remarked she evidently had a great deal of technical knowledge, but this was a very injudicious letter to have written.
LITTLE wonder Mr Justice Collins used such injudicious language when it came to dismissing Northumberland County Council's latest bid to derail a legal challenge.
Such injudicious measures and positions run counter to the common interests of the European Union and the Islamic Republic of Iran," the Iranian official said.