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(used of drugs) capable of being injected

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Since the inception of first injectable bone substitutes, there are numerous products has been introduced and commercialized for orthopedic trauma, still lack of knowledge has been observed amongst potential users about its usage and application.
Market Research Future with their unique quality of simplifying the market research study, announces a deep study report on "Global Injectable Drug Delivery Devices Market Research Report- Forecast To 2023" Gives industry size, top players and worldwide demand
The goal is to find the most practical and efficient ways to implement a monthly injectable treatment regimen if approved, including how to address the increased frequency of clinic visits.
In an advisory dated July 5, the FDA said it has yet to approve any injectable products for skin lightening and that FDA Philippines had approved injectable glutathione only 'as an adjunct treatment in cisplatin chemotherapy.'
According to FDA, injectable glutathione has been approved only as an adjunct treatment in cisplatin chemotherapy for cancer.
"To date there are no published clinical trials that have evaluated the use of injectable glutathione for skin lightening.
Reddy's Laboratories has launched its Phytonadione Injectable Emulsion USP, 10 mg/ml Single-Dose Ampules, a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Vitamin K1 (Phytonadione) Injectable Emulsion USP, 10 mg/ml, it was reported on Monday.
"This second session of the SMi Annual Injectable Drug Delivery Conference will bring together tremendous expertise in multiple fields of Injectable Drug Delivery.
"We believe Somerset Therapeutics is an ideal strategic fit for Endo, as it expands our portfolio of sterile injectable and ophthalmic products," said Paul Campanelli, president and chief executive officer of Endo.
In addition, in 2010 the FDA made the questionable ruling that injectable vitamin C is a new drug.
Kenya is among seven African countries that have been picked to carry out large-scale trials for an injectable HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among uninfected women.The clinical trials of the new long-acting injectable drug known as cabotegravir (CAB) will be conducted among 3,200 HIV-uninfected, sexually active women in six other countries Uganda, Botswana, Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
CLOZAPINE AND LONG-ACTING INJECTABLE antipsychotic medications were most effective at preventing rehospitalization and treatment failure among patients with schizophrenia, according to a large prospective cohort study reported.
On account of minimally invasive procedure and of filling irregular defects of tissues, injectable hydrogels are increasingly attractive in biomedical fields [1, 2].
A variety of injectable therapies are now available for use in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus, when metformin alone proves inadequate.
Mitim is private-owned and specializes in the filling of injectable beta lactam products.