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Synonyms for initiatory

of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something

Synonyms for initiatory

serving to set in motion

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See also Karen Westerfield-Tucker, "The Initiatory Rites of the United Methodist Church," in Baptism Today, 99-107.
64) Just as Lucius achieves clarity and illumination through his initiation into an understanding of the nature of destiny, the reader also experiences an initiatory recognition of the unified nature of the seemingly diverse tales.
Young Kwermin men who wished to gain access to the superior highland initiatory activities, but had no kin in Bimin, were refused participation.
The initiatory character of the violence depicted in The Passion of the Christ holds true for virtually all Passion narratives, including those presented in the gospels.
Mithraism was organized into seven initiatory levels, and little is known today about the substance of their beliefs and sacraments, although there is some evidence that human sacrifice was carried out, and that Mithraists worshipped, in addition to the youthful, bull-slaying Mithras, a lion-headed deity, Ahrimanius, who was synonymous with the Persian.
ROUND ONE: There was the usual initiatory sparring when the lads stood up for the first round.
The //ke:n was not exclusively an initiatory dance, as writers have supposed (e.
The General Directory for Catechesis indicates that initiatory catechesis is the norm for all catechesis (no.
There are problems here, though: third parties will not know that this is an act of retributive justice and not initiatory violence, and may intervene; the criminal is expecting the attack and may recognize it as such and not be scared as we hoped; or the criminal and victim may have agreed on monetary compensation for the injury (but not the fear, with the criminal claiming that it dealt no damage), so the "fear" attack will never be more than a paper tiger since the criminal knows no harm will be done to them.
In this initiatory section, the basic principles of push and pull are explained.
A first step in establishing a theological space for a discourse of encouragement, then, is to recognize the church's complex of initiatory rites: the revived catechumenate for baptismal preparation, baptism proper where the agent is the Holy Spirit, chrismation (anointing with oil that symbolizes the giving of the Holy Spirit in Origen's sense) and receiving the Eucharist, the beginning of on-going nourishment of baptismal identity.
In this period, members of the same sex and age group with their elders (who are often, but not always, of the same sex) guide the young initiates through the initiatory process.
There was no significant trend for day of the week initiatory eggs were laid, although there was a continuous increase each day from Sunday to Friday, with prominent increases from Sunday to Monday and Thursday to Friday (Fig.
Praising the initiatory step of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani regarding formation of Energy Council, he said that it would be helpful to address the issue.
Apprentice shamans must commit to years of scholarship and sacrifice, painful initiatory rites, and pressures to conform to a near impossible ideal of "lawful" shamanic activity.