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Synonyms for initiatory

of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something

Synonyms for initiatory

serving to set in motion

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Progression through a series of initiatory grades was revealed in the costume, since it changed at different grades.
And this can help one understand what Fukiau (1969: 146) reports from an initiate of Lemba, one of the Kongo traditional initiatory academies, in this terms: "a lady of Nzala who was "Mumbanda-lemba" told me "It's astonishing to see that what I have been taught at Lemba about God is seen also in the church." And according to Fukiau, these similarities account for the quick reception of Christianity by the Kongo people.
is able to make a case for greater diversity in contemporary initiatory practice.
It is clear that many important objects, such as the bow or water-gourd, were considered having sentient aspects to them, a spirit given to them through initiatory acts analogous to those performed on the human body.
But this attainment, which necessitated deep purification, required an initiatory preparation and seclusion that either a ruling king could not have time to afford, or he was simply denied the privilege.
Although uncomfortable with any reliance on "faith," Villa himself speaks of "the 'miracle' of spontaneous initiatory action" - a miracle made all the more mysterious by Arendt's later suspicion that action in the strict sense is "no longer possible" (pp.
down the hill after me, and two beautiful women turn in their tracks to watch, thinking I am his father, loving the brisk, initiatory glee of it: this young boy following an older man like an imprinted duck, waving his arms wildly into the air, bending his knees, as I fill the white, wintry woods with applause, calling out, Tres bon, Marlon, magnifique!
He cited Rule 7, Section 6 of the Supreme Court's internal rules, which has allowed the conduct of special raffles upon the directive of the Chief Justice, or in her absence, by the senior associate justice, when an initiatory pleading filed in court contained a prayer for the issuance of temporary restraining order or of a writ of habeas corpus or amparo and the case could not be included in the regular raffle.
What is missing from Jimmy's desires, however, is purpose; through Myers's encoded, initiatory subtext, Jimmy locates this missing appendage of his passions.
It could be said that Sufism has found its raison d'etre in the West as a structure replacing the initiatory Western societies and religions and that it is on this basis that cross-fertilization between the oral traditions of Islam and those of Western esotericism has taken place.
Rikki Ducornet's novel Phosphor in Dreamland (1995) pits utopia (Birdland) against heterotopia (Pope Publius), poetry against dogma, sensuality against asceticism, myth against history, love against fear, fragmentation against unity, man against nature, in an initiatory romance journey that has many a stop by way of Jung.
Her journey to and enclosure within the Talapot form the most significant initiatory experience of the novel despite Agua Fria's previous time of preparation in the Casa de los Grandes.
As McBride has recently suggested, Lanyer also employs both here and in "The Description of Cooke-ham" the powerful cultural association between the pastoral mode and the "birth" of the poet: "Lanyer invokes the conventions of the initiatory pastoral poem, drawing on that long generic history to figure herself as poet." [23] The humility of Lanyer's description of her own book as the "fruits of idle houres" (194) and her assertion that Sidney has read and written far better books than Lanyer's Salve Deus are balanced, then, against other, less self-depreciating evaluations.
As an initiatory experience into the strangeness of space and speech, L'origine rouge does not attempt to lure readers or audiences into a state of well-being.
The order in which believers participate in the three initiatory sacraments also denotes their hierarchical participation in not only the significant events of the mystery of the divine economy that is in Christ, but also in the life of the church.