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a person who initiates a course of action


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If a point of equilibrium were to be reached in the interaction, then that could provide the means by which neither communication initiator is at disadvantage or at advantage.
The system is divided into three sections: reactor, gas delivery, and initiator delivery.
Patent 9,187,581 (November 17, 2015), "Methods for Producing Telechelic Polyolefins from Terpene Initiators," Casey D.
The threshold question for whether a project initiator is responsible for collecting sales or use taxes is whether the state has jurisdiction over the initiator to require collection and remittance.
The court took strict notice upon the complain that the accused of the case and the witnesses were facing threat from the initiators of the case and the high officials of police and directed the IG Islamabad, that the compliant and witnesses of the case should not be threatened, otherwise the court would take serious action over such complain.
In the first phase, the initiator records a snapshot by propagating the probes along the edges of the WFG.
Photopolymcrization kinetics of dimethacrylates using the camphorquinone/amine initiator system.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-20 December 2007-Intel releases Fibre Channel over Ethernet software initiator package for Linux(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
As the only major initiator supplier with a generally available iSCSI adapter, we anticipate that the introduction of iSCSI targets such as the iCS2100, will accelerate the deployment of IP SANs.
1] has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a type 2B carcinogen (6) and appears to be an initiator and promotor of carcinogenesis in rats (7), we have as yet no convincing evidence that F[B.
Previously, tetramethyl-piperidine-N-oxide was the only initiator that reliably produced similar molecular chains, but it only works with styrene to make polystyrene.
Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications AB (EHPT), the two groups' Swedish joint venture in operation and business support software for the telecoms industry, has sold its Initiator service activitation program to Uppsala-based new carrier Utfors AB.
Some large initiator molecules prompt plants to make rubber up to six times faster than smaller ones.
We discovered that the first bead on the string, a carbon-based molecule called an initiator, regulates how fast other beads are added to the string.
During this post-auction process, the initiator and best-price contra are placed into a private facility for continued anonymous negotiation of both price and size parameters.