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Synonyms for initiation

Synonyms for initiation

the act or process of bringing or being brought into existence

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

Synonyms for initiation

wisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge

an act that sets in motion some course of events

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6, a there is a great difference between different fracture criteria for mixed mode cracks, and the crack initiation angle decreases with increasing crack inclination, following a nonlinear relationship.
Uptake was highest during the first month of the 6-month study, but remained consistently higher in the clusters where treatment initiation at home was available.
A "hidden support" method of video creation was used; the primary investigator verbally prompted the participant to instigate a play-based initiation with a peer.
Endorsement of (1) or (2) was coded as initiation of tobacco use.
In contrast to early initiation of dialysis, early referral to a nephrologist is consistently associated with better survival," he wrote.
Initiation ceremonies are banned by the university.
A positive association between awareness of alcohol advertising and alcohol initiation was limited to boys who thought about the idea and then on it (precontemplators).
I am delighted to see back in print this 1965 highly influential book on the medieval rites of Christian initiation by J.
A number of studies have shown that tobacco marketing influences the initiation of smoking in adolescents.
Steubenville, OH--A recent conference for catechists at the University of Steubenville, Ohio, concluded that 50% of RCIA candidates fall away from the Church within one year of receiving the sacraments of initiation.
Receipt of a notice to a CPA re the initiation of a formal SEC investigation.
The current approach focuses on confirmation as a sacrament of initiation and is based on a renewed theology of initiation that has developed in the church since Vatican II.
A second in-frame initiation codon is at nucleotide position 93-95, in the same position as the start codon of the 10,200 strain.
Therefore, quality of life may decline after the initiation of treatment for the patient with early, asymptomatic disease.
In addition, the Australian CAST Group performed studies to better understand the factors affecting fatigue crack initiation.