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Synonyms for initiation

Synonyms for initiation

the act or process of bringing or being brought into existence

the act or process of formally admitting a person to membership or office

Synonyms for initiation

wisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge

an act that sets in motion some course of events

References in classic literature ?
This smile of the worthy descendant of the most ancient sea-folk whose audacity and hardihood had left no trace of greatness and glory upon the waters, completed the cycle of my initiation.
It was not for him to discern upon me the marks of my recent initiation.
If you are resolved, I must begin your initiation," said the Rhetor coming closer to Pierre.
However, accept what I propose to you as an initiation into Parisian life -- a life of politeness, visiting, and introductions.
When McMurdo awoke next morning he had good reason to remember his initiation into the lodge.
It always grieves me, ' I observed, roused by what I took to be his selfishness, 'it always grieves me to contemplate the initiation of children into the ways of life, when they are scarcely more than infants.
So marked was the change in her manner, such depths of sad initiation did it imply, that, with some doubts as to my delicacy, I put the case anew to my village oracle, Harmon Gow; but got for my pains only an uncomprehending grunt.
There would be three goats for the initiation of the three youths into full-fledged warriorship, and besides these he had received several gifts of grain and beads, together with a piece of copper wire from admiring and terrified members of his audience.
I had never seen Italy; the privilege of initiation should be his.
For about four hours, at least 10 members of Aegis Juris took turns beating Horacio 'Atio' Castillo III with their fists during his initiation into the fraternity.
Early or timely initiation of breastfeeding, specifically within 1 hour of birth, refers to the best practice recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO].
The winter initiation season is upon us now, and many initiation schools across the country will be opening their doors to welcome young men and women.
While there are many areas of tension between African traditional and/or cultural practices such as marriage, traditional healing, to mention just a few, this article focuses on initiation of male children which consistently causes considerable controversy in the country for reasons such as children being taken to initiation schools against their will and, in some cases, even without parental consent.
A WELSH university rugby team has been banned over initiation ceremonies where a new player was burnt with a cigarette and had his eyebrows shaved off.
Dyno Nobel and joint venture partner DetNet now offer the DriftShot electronic initiation system--the newest addition to the Dyno Nobel electronic initiation system suite.